The squidoo scanner idea

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The squidoo scanner idea

Postby Ilah » Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:24 pm

Squidoo is ideally suited for scanners. In Squidoo people create lenses on various topics. Each lens has a little bit written on a topic as well as links to related sites on the internet. Sometimes lenses will link to other lenses as well. So even if something only captures your interest for a few weeks, you probably have enough knowledge and web links to do a lens on it. I want to create a lens about scanners that has links to other scanners. I would put in links to blogs, websites and other lenses that belong to scanners. I would invite other scanners to link to me, but I would not require it. I would also put in a link to this group. The idea is to raise awareness of scanners and promote a positive image of scanners. A secondary goal is to boost web traffic to each others site. There are some lenses about scanners on Squidoo already. Some of them link to Barbara Sher’s site. None of them are attempting to link to scanners all over the place. I also have two more ideas for scanner friendly ideas on Squidoo. I am thinking of documenting my “learn something new each month” idea on Squidoo. I would have a different lens for each month with a central lens linking them all. I would invite links for anyone else interested in trying to learn a new thing each month. I am also thinking about a “learn something new” book club. This would feature scanner friendly non-fiction books. These should be good intro books that don’t require any special background knowledge to understand. I will have to tweak that a little bit. I want to invite other people to join, but when I search nonfiction the tops ones are political commentary. I would rather not have that in there.
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