Interests or Distractions?

What should you do when you want to do everything? If you're fascinated by everything, and you've been called dabbler, dilettante, undisciplined, indecisive etc., this forum is for you.

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Interests or Distractions?

Postby Tituba » Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:20 am

Was reading an old thread


and thought this was a topic worth talking about. When are your varied interests just "busy work" or distractions. Distractions meant to keep you unfocused on not pursuing your real dream?
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Re: Interests or Distractions?

Postby KeepSpinning » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:54 pm

To be honest, I never view any of the different hobbies, interests or studies I pick up as "distractions". Technically, a distraction is something that's purpose is to get your mind off of something else, or that takes your attention away from something considered more valuable.
If that's the case, then when is learning something new ever a distraction?

But, speaking less philosophically, I know that throughout my short lifetime I've found many interests that I later had no desire in pursuing(skateboarding for example). However, for the most part, I return to the interests at a later date. I did drawing as a kid, began painting during my teens and picked up calligraphy for 2 months or so here in China. At the time I did have more things to get done, such as passing a Chinese proficiency test, however the experience contributed to my life in positive ways. Isn't life all about experiencing as much as we can?

Secondly, I believe that everyone enjoys trying something new. It's like going to a candy store but you are only allowed to try one candy bar per day. Scanners are us people who don't like the limitation and attempt to "taste" everything we can.
With that said, wouldn't trying out different hobbies be considered a good thing?

The big topic that always pops up in my mind is that sometimes these interests are less distracting, but more impulsive. I focus on a new interest so keenly that I forget about everything else until I have it in my hands. After I've had a taste, I realize if I want to pursue the hobby, or if it was just a "waste of time".

What do you think?
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Re: Interests or Distractions?

Postby kashtanka » Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:50 pm

When I became a "displaced homemaker" (yes, that's what a divorced non-working person was called), I found a program that would pay for my college. Even though I was very good in math and already had an Associates Degree in Accounting, I decided to get an architechtural drafting certificate. It interested me, and I ended up liking the construction estimating course a lot. However, when I got the certificate there was really nowhere else to go at the time except into an engineering program. (now there are a lot more options). It ended up being a distraction, keeping me from the workforce two more years, because I jumped into it without thinking of my future. After that I built on what I already had, and got my Bachelor's in Accounting and I ended up having a career to support my son and I. I don't regret the one year distraction though. I found out that I really enjoyed working with men, and fit into the construction environment quite naturally.

Maybe you were talking about smaller, day to day interests. Here is a list of things that I do to avoid working on my dream of finishing a book and getting it published: knit, read magazines and books on various topics, go to three meetings a month for interests that I have, (feeling a little drained by this) and was asked to put together a subgroup of the American Sewing Guild in my area, take quilting classes, (also have a beading class and a loom knitting class lined up), writing skits, and having a busy social life. I have very little time to write, and I know that things aren't going to change unless I make them change.

For the most part, I love making things with my hands, but I'm beginning to see that's not going to give me the satisfaciton I'm really looking for. It is not all that I am.
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Re: Interests or Distractions?

Postby SMM2005 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:10 am

Hi Kashtanka :D

Wow! I didn't know all that about you. Really, quite interesting..... Working with your hands, having an active social life, and creating are great activities for you...and the part that is missing, (your writing) is the other piece of the puzzle. So, sounds like the trick is to still do the other things, but cut down on them and maybe it would be easier to decide on a certain time, or day to spend with your writing, no matter what. Easier said than done, no doubt.

I read, go online, watch movies, shop, or whatever, and the time adds up......Those are my distractions. And the trick is...... :lol: It is difficult looking for another job, working and trying to learn all about social media/networking, and as we know, what I really want is to be further along with my biz. Although, in some ways I am moving forward but it doesn't always feel like it.

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