is my problem unique for a scanner?

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is my problem unique for a scanner?

Postby singhpallavi20 » Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:57 am

i was attracted by the name of the book, "what do i do when i want to do everything". it suggested my feeling exactly. for past few months i was feeling so overwhelmed about the various projects i had started that i had completely halted myself to inaction. learning that i am a scanner changed my whole life. i read the whole book and my thought process changed a lot. for once i didn't feel guilty about starting many projects but there are still few things nagging which i thought i would discuss with you. you all being scanner might know the solution to my problem.
its true that i take up many projects at once, but when anything of consequence comes by i feel scared to continue. in fact i loose all my confidence and don't feel like pursuing. worse still i always come with an alby. i always feel i would be able to do if i could feel a bit more relaxed, which you know, one can never find time to be more relaxed. i mean what do you really mean by relaxing. i have always wanted to write. i am a copywriter. as far as small pieces are concerned i an write very well. in fact i come up with good ideas but as soon as i get any assignments were i have to write long copy. i completely grind to a halt and it takes me a day to persuade myself to write. in the end i do come up with good write ups but i know that i can write better and more over i hate myself for being so weak. why does this happen to me. in fact its not just about writing. this is the pattern for everything i love doing. painting. whomsoever has seen my painting they really liked it. in fact i feel proud of my paintings too, but lately i am unable to paint anything. i feel so scared of picking up my soft pastels.
same goes for my reading . i love to read but whenever i get a book i always want the other book which i had seen on the self on the library and i really rush through the reading of my present book absorbing nothing and feeling unsatisfied and angry with myself.
do you have any clue what is the matter with me. is it normal for the scanners to behave like this? i would really appreciate some feedback on this.
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Re: is my problem unique for a scanner?

Postby SquarePeg » Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:42 pm

Barbara addresses this in one of her books. She has a whole chapter dedicated to doing a poor job. I forgot how she called it, but the idea is that you set out to do a lousy job, and that can free you from inhibitions related to perfectionism.

You might also be overwhelmed. In this case, try to break the project down into smaller bits that you can complete in an hour or two or whatever works for you. Some folks even break things into five minute tasks and make a commitment to completing them through a nagging service, pronagger, I believe it's called.
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