First loves

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First loves

Postby tapit123 » Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:14 am

OK- here's a problem that I'm sure everyone here will relate to, but I need a solid plan for moving forward.
I'm in love with so many things- film, theater, public sculpture, etc. and I have turned most of them into projects (paying and non-paying- at this point I have some financial breathing room, fortunately!) and have had great fun.
The following is going to sound nuts.
One of my ongoing passions is learning about iconoclasm through the ages (OKOKOK- not something you'd necessarily expect). I even started work on a book and wrote 3 chapters of it on modern examples of statue smashing (Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, The Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, etc.) and did a book proposal which I sent out, but although there was some interest, no one picked it up, and I moved on to other things. I'm doing a film series on "Elephants in Rhode Island" now. Problem- I want to get back to iconoclasm book. BUT, I'm committed to get the films done and to teach my classes and do a weekly photo essay for the local Patch as well as other articles.
Question 1) Why am I burying my first love with all these other swell projects?
Question 2) What do I do? Some things that have occurred to me, but I'm not sure are sound are:
Take an iconoclasm break as soon as my classes are done and shut myself away in a hotel for a few days with nothing else? Schedule a half day a week for that project? Drop the other stuff ASAP and hunt my stories down? Pick up the blog I was doing on the topic which has lain fallow for a year?
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Re: First loves

Postby Unity » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:48 am

Hi tapit

In answer to your dilemma, you could try a fun approach which I wrote about
in my last post on Spring Challenges, page 10 all about 'dice living'.

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Re: First loves

Postby skannie » Sun Apr 24, 2011 3:09 pm

Sounds like a fascinating project. I should think when your classes are done you could keep those same blocks of time on your schedule, but label them Iconoclasm. Has shutting yourself away in isolation ever worked for you before? If so you could try the hotel, but it doesn't work for everyone. Perhaps just book yourself in for a weekend first and see how it goes.

Certainly revive your blog. It could be very useful for marketing your book when it's done. And use Twitter and Facebook to post links to your blog posts and other relevant information and build up interest. You could also use the book when it's done as the basis for a public speaking career. Nowadays a lot of people are self-publishing their books, or publishing just as e-books, which means you can bypass needing to be accepted by a publisher. Lots of info about that on the Internet, or some of the members here have done it and could give you advice.

It's also good to have the support of other people. Maybe join a writers group, or find a success buddy.
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