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What Did You Do As A Scanner Kid?

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 10:45 am
by Keechick
I am definitely a Scanner, and always have been. This is what I did as a Scanner kid:

-- read all my mum's back issues of Mothering magazine

-- sketched stuff around our place: the oil lamp, laundry line, etc.

-- compiled a set of interview questions and interviewed everyone who visited: what's your favourite food, favourite colour, etc.

-- made a newspaper, The Star, reporting on the goings-on of the family and the neighbourhood (ie. there was a bear on Smiths' property; Klassens' lettuce is now up and very tasty)

-- illustrated the song Green Grow the Rushes-O, verse by verse (two, two, the lily-white boys, cloth-ed all in green ho ho)

-- converted to I Am, my grandmother's New Age cult. certain coloured clothes on certain days, no garlic, etc.

-- did yoga with Dad

-- practiced Islam with Dad, or tried to. may have fasted at Ramadan

-- read obsessively about forts in a certain book, and wanted to build them all, but had no idea how to follow even what they called "the very simple instructions". how would I get four 2x4's?

-- learned pig latin and egg-language from books, taught my brother, and became fluent to the point of being able to converse so quickly that no one could understand us

-- obsessed about Christianity to the point where I convinced my hippie parents to get me a Children's Bible and the Child's Book of Prayers, and drop me off at the Anglican church downtown. as well as went to Mass and catechism with our family friends

-- mastered stilts and the pogo stick

-- tried to learn morse code

-- learned all kinds of written code, from a book

-- studied cartooning from books

-- wrote in a journal from age 7 on

-- devoured all Gran's books on fairies and Findhorn Gardens and New Age spirituality. had long conversations with her about it.

-- read manuals on etiquette

-- read anything on ghosts, ESP, and the paranormal

-- insisted on joining the soccer team

-- became completely obsessed with gnomes, and studied that big Gnomes book by the Dutch authors, using it as a manual to find gnomes in our area

-- taught myself how to roller skate on some ancient metal skates we had kicking around, the kind that tighten with a key

-- worked diligently on learning Danish with Dad

-- fell in love with Balder and developed an obsession with Norse mythology from then on

-- wrote songs and poetry

What about you, what did you do?

Re: What Did You Do As A Scanner Kid?

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2011 7:29 pm
by SquarePeg
This is a terrific post, Keechick! I'm sure I would've enjoyed having you as a classmate!

I can't remember all the things I did, but it's not nearly as impressive as your list! I'll start with the most obsessive and work down that list:

- Created designs of spaceships by doing 3d-view drawings. Then I built them using cardboard from cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, Popsicle sticks, tape, glue, & probably straws, uncooked spaghetti, wire, etc.

- Read Tom Swift Jr. Adventure series, which inspired the previously-mentioned model spaceship building.

- Tumbled semi-precious gemstones, and used a grinder / polisher to make cabochons for jewelry.

- Wrote in a diary starting at age 13.

- Read JRR Tolkien (obsessively, of course) and even translated some of my diary into Middle Earth.

- Drawing and coloring. I actually won third prize in a newspaper coloring contest and got a slot car set for it!

- Played baseball very inattentively and badly. For example, I remember when the ball was hit high into the air toward me, I didn't know where it was and covered my head and ducked. Poor dad -- he gave me a dirty look that time. I played soccer pretty well, though. I liked to play tennis and biked recreationally.

- Music. Loved listening to avant garde, crossover, fusion of classical, jazz & rock (especially Gentle Giant, Renaissance). Gosh how i would've loved an MP3 player back then. But it would've had 1KB capacity, just enough for about 10 seconds worth of music! LOL

- Music. Played bass guitar and tuba and sang bass in chorus. I also loved learning music theory, and considered studying music composition. I also dismantled my first bass guitar (after I got the second one) and removed the frets so that it became a fretless bass. And I could play it, too, much to the surprise of naysayers. I nearly pursued a degree in music instrument technology.

- Wood working. I designed and built a CD rack and modified a small desk to make it larger.

- My dad and brother were into fishing. I liked collecting lures and taking apart the spinning reel slightly more, though.

- While lying in bed before going to sleep, I'd imagine the bed was a small spaceship. I'd dodge and fight enemy aliens, travel to other worlds, interact with aliens, one of which was a girl I went to school with that I was particularly attracted to. :)

- Went on a diet free of artificial ingredients, a pre-cursor to my becoming vegetarian in my twenties. (I'm now somewhat obsessed with the blood type diet.)

- Studied the Bible. I was raised a Catholic, so I understood that there was only One Religion. I really would've enjoyed learning about others.

- Studied dinosaurs.

- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Humm, wait, I might've been an adult by then. I didn't move out until I was 30 years old!

Re: What Did You Do As A Scanner Kid?

PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 9:53 am
by Me and my Hamster

I don't remember all the things I did... but here's a few...

- Try ice/snow sculpture in winter (instead of just doing snowmen I tried to do animals as well.)

- Had a journal with some friends. We were a small group, and I did stories and illustrations on the paper.

- Did roller skating with my mom's old metal skates.

- Learn about quantum physics (as a teen.)

- Teach myself the guitar.

- Went in the forest at night to watch stars.

- Read what I could about stars and the universe.

- Drawing all the time.

- Learn codes as morse code and others, until I knew them by heart and could communicate with those.

- Build a tree house, and a tree table.

- Learned to repair stuff and change lampballs and so on. (I loved all the stuff my dad was doing.)

- Write poetry and songs (as a teen)

- Fishing

- Judo, Football, Karate, Soft Ball, Climbing, Hiking, Bow Shooting, Riding (bike), Skiing.

- Imagining stories and play them. Alone, with friends, with my siblings.

- Climb on the roof of my house. Try to enter my house by different (and unusual ways.)

- Read about math, and even asking for more math homework at school.

- Read about dinosaurs too.

- Go to museums with my family and enjoy it.

- Cook cakes and pancakes. Read about cakes and recipes.

- Go ghost hunting in abandoned houses with friends.

And... probably other stuff...