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The true meaning of words doesn't reside in dictionaries.

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:40 pm
by citizenkant
Hi Scanners,

I'm floating right now. I've been struggling to keep my nose outside the water since kindergarten; just to give you a vague idea of time, on the way I've been married twice -no kids-.

Anyway, I'm pretty young! And I'm interested in an ominous number of things: one is Reading. Right now I don't read a lot coz... you know when it happens that you stop doing this for doing this another... The reason will make its appearance one day; I'm positive. Meanwhile, I must say that I have a number of books; all kind of books, from a study of the Japanese Culture, to Philosophy of Language, and Neuroscience, Sociology, Coen's Fargo script, a user's guide for the programming language called Python, on Acting, the Holy Bible, The Beatles scores, History of Science... Diversity, as you can imagine, not only rules there in the library.

If I have to choose -which I refuse; but if I have to- I consider myself the A word. I don't pretty much like this term; I use it just for economic reasons; everybody seems to get speechless if I say that I would like to be seen as Fully Human, that my obsession is to enjoy Reality, and by enjoying it, learn as well what the heck means to be Fully Human. ;) Which, by the way, means that all my life is built around a huge tautology. Some of us are, so to speak, condemned to make it in life without a clearly defined goal. The worst is that a lot of people might say that you can't consider yourself fully human if you don't even know what a fully human is. "People is strange when you're a stranger" could come from this very affair.

So, I'm a writer, a graphic artist, musician, photographer; I've taken 30.000 pictures in the last 18 months. You know... I've kept them all since it's pretty difficult to see me doing just one thing at the time, I had to keep them all to also have all the practical examples of how I've learnt Photography. I have this plan (warning: this is one of lots that I have) of doing a stop-motion video, like a documentary on how this Photography thing evolved in me almost from scratch. Each digital pic has useful information about when it was taken, at what time; with that, I can easily build some graphical stats showing also my love in numbers...

As I said, I'm a writer too -in Spanish; so, sorry for my English-. Unpublished yet. Nowadays I'm not writing that much, but for the last 7 years my subject was mostly The Structure of Narrative Fiction; I've been trying to define all the key concepts related to the Story thing. -┬┐What is a Story?- And this way, knowing this and that, guess also how to do build stories. The goal could be a Narrative Fiction User's guide. It would be fantastic to start learning how to write using a book like this, it could be like a game... It should sound familiar if I tell you that, at first, I started writing just because; when I came to realize the point for my love, started the struggle for putting all the stuff in order. Lots of papers I have. Lots of archives. You can't imagine the mess, at all.

Then I paint. Then, lately, I've been playing with this band. I play the guitar and I sing. I also decided to give a try on music composition. And it felt great! But of course in the end it isn't great at all! Coz, as I started saying, I'm struggling to keep my nose outside the water since kindergarten. As far as I remember I've never earned a buck with any of my talents and, as everyone here knows, getting in touch with people that really go with you is unbelievably uncommon. Believe it or not, I knew about Barbara Sher just two days ago on youtube. I saw this video in which she's wearing a red dress, I thought "thank god she's pouring her intelligence and not repeating information as usual".

I live in Barcelona, Spain, by the way. I've been planning to move to Berlin in a month or so, but under the light of this new discovering, now I'm thinking about to find a motivator or coach or whatever word that defines what Barbara Sher does. Any clue about how to find a person like this around?


Re: The true meaning of words doesn't reside in dictionaries

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:25 pm
by SquarePeg

I was nodding vigorously when I read, "Right now I don't read a lot coz... you know when it happens that you stop doing this for doing this another." I know exactly! I'm also not reading right now! LOL

I think there are a few coaches here on this very site. I recall that one offered his/her services for free in exchange for an evaluation. Here's the link:

I can't recommend any because I've never used one.

Good luck!

Re: The true meaning of words doesn't reside in dictionaries

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:46 pm
by citizenkant
Thanks SquarePeg!

Re: The true meaning of words doesn't reside in dictionaries

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:26 pm
by skannie
Hi citizenkant

Yes that's a great video of Barbara. I don't know what you mean by the A word, but you certainly sound like a scanner. You're in the right place here because there are lots of us like you on these boards.
citizenkant wrote:Lots of papers I have. Lots of archives. You can't imagine the mess, at all.
Oh yes I can! I just look around me.

Well, I read a lot about all sorts of things, but it's mostly online these days. That's partly because I'm living abroad and don't have such good access to books in English. Whenever I go visiting in England I load up with library books (almost all non-fiction). But the Internet is wonderful for learning about anything that takes your interest. I usually have lots of browser tabs open at once so I can skip around easily and follow trails of knowledge.

If you only discovered Barbara Sher two days ago you might not have seen her book for Scanners, called Refuse to Choose. Even though you say you don't read much, I really recommend you read that one before you go looking for a coach. It's a revelation, and it tells you how you can and should do everything you want. (Sometimes you'll find it under it's alternative title of What Do I Do When I Want To Do Everything?) Another good one is her first book Wishcraft, although it's not specifically for Scanners. You can get it free online here

But if you really want to start with a coach, here's an excellent one who was trained and certified by Barbara

You could also try Sher Success Teams by Phone the people who run the teams are all Scanners.

And you might find some useful info on my Scanner Tribe website, although I've been distracted by other things and haven't updated it for a long time.