Scanning and university/college

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Scanning and university/college

Postby user2416 » Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:55 am

I have a rather large problem. I started at university knowing I wanted to learn more, but unsure which subject I wanted to concentrate on. I fell into computer science, but it required more dedication than I could manage as a scanner and so I switched to a cinema and anthropology major. Despite always having loved studying cinema before (as it was my "break" from computer science), I now find myself becoming bored by it and wanting to return to studying math and physics. But I can see myself tiring of those eventually too. I'd rather not waste all the money spent getting this far but I just don't know what to do about my course of study! I just don't have the drive to finish my cinema studies anymore... should I just stop whining and get on with it? Any other scanners have problems at university?
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Re: Scanning and university/college

Postby SquarePeg » Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:59 am

I can empathize with you. After high school, I didn't like the idea of going to college, so I signed up for a 9-month certificate program for computer technician. The field was growing rapidly. I completed the program with high honors and got a job right away.

But it was a bit boring. I took courses toward an engineering degree on a part-time basis, and finished the last two years as a full-time student. The memory of having to choose a graduate program after that (after I was already bored and sick of university) is a dark one for me. The only reason I was thinking of it was because of a scholarship opportunity.

Today I come across some professors in my volunteer work for an engineering society. One professor is a genius of law, ethics, philosophy, computer science and robotics -- a modern day Renaissance Man. Perhaps if you can find someone like that to mentor you, he or she can propel you through the remainder of your program. There might also be a specialized school somewhere that has a program that blends some or all of your interests. One college I might've chosen was one that had a combined electrical technology and music, and I could have specialized in music instrument technology.

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