I need an advice

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I need an advice

Postby ellam » Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:58 am

I need an advice. I have a lot of notebooks: one for things to do at work, one for shopping lists, one for drawings, one for textile art. A have also a lot of bits of papers with drawings, ideas; a lot of folders with techniques to try, ideas, and so on.
Sometime I feel so overwhelmed by all this and I want to have all in one place but are too different interests and I can’t put all in one notebook or so.
Can you tell me what to do in order to be much organized?
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Re: I need an advice

Postby Unity1 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:25 am

Hi Ellam,

Not surprising you are feeling confused with all those folders.

What about a ring file for interests - you can get a variety of sizes designed for artwork with plastic pockets but you can also add blank/lined papers to them as well. You can have everything in one or two files depending on how much you have.

Another ring file for household, work and personal, use dividers. You can get these in different sizes too.

Alternatively get any notebook and divide the book into 3 (or how many sections you need).

You can buy self adhesive tabs to stick onto the sides of pages.
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Re: I need an advice

Postby ellam » Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:51 am

Thank you so much for your advice , Unity!
I don't know if I can use ring files because I have a lot of papers but, maybe I will use a big notebook.
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Re: I need an advice

Postby skannie » Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:59 am

A filing cabinet works very well, like the ones used in offices. I have one with 4 drawers which can hold a lot of papers, but you can get them smaller or bigger. You label each hanging file with a tab, then organize them so you can find them more easily. Maybe alphabetically, or by date, or similar subjects together, or a drawer for each main category (e.g. crafts, business, travel) or the ones you use more often at the front in the top drawers where they're easier to reach, or any way that suits you.
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Re: I need an advice

Postby Miss Jane » Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:56 am

Greetings Ellam!

I use the Notebook System. I have some very large Ring Binders ... and a sturdy Hole Punch. I selected White Notebooks so that when displayed there would not be a "Cluttered" look. I keep them all on a shelf right above my Desk.

I came to this system in 2003 when I was a member of the 1st Official Barbara Sher Success Team that I facilitated (THANK YOU BARBARA!).

In doing the suggested Flow Chart around my stated Goal, I realized that in order to reach my goal I had mini-goals in various areas of my life. When I broke it down ... these were the Main Areas:


I have a Notebook for each area ... and the JOY book has even broken out into various other interests: The Arts, Fashion, Volunteering, Spirituality, etc. etc. etc.!

Come to think of it, my HOME book has also broken out into Automobile Info, Computer things, Renovation Projects, etc.

The spine of each Notebook has the category printed using a Label Maker (A Scanner Toy!!!)

I also happend to find Stick-Um pads in cute shapes to add just a bit of "Happy" ID to each notebook spine.

HOME - shaped like a House
HEALTH- a Heart shape
CAREER- a Star shape
FINANCES - A Green Arrow which I pointed upward (Green for $$$$, upward for Rising $$$$)
RELATIONSHIPS - a 50's style telephone shape
JOY - A flower shape (I like gardening too, but more important ... I must expand-blossom in all areas that give me Joy ... or else!

(I acquired these in 2003 so there might be other choices now)>

When I write my daily "to do's", I often include a little drawing or a symbol signifying the category of my task.
I especially draw them on my Calendar Pages as I can then quickly see what Area of My Life I may not be giving enough attention!

If a Scanner does not get enough JOY quotient ... we whither.

Any sort of shelf High/Low can work. I love the simple pressed board lower shelves you can get from Office Depot or the systems from IKEA.

By using Ring Binder Notebooks, the little scraps of paper or brochures or business cards can all be filed using Plastic Sleeve holders from the Office Supply Store (a Scanners Candy Store).

Just thought you might like to see "How it Walks" for another fellow Scanner.

Good Wishes to you and may the Genius in You flourish!


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