Interupted Scanner...

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Interupted Scanner...

Postby bellakasha » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:52 am

Just wondering if anyone else has ever felt like an 'interupted scanner' and if so how you got though? I LOVE 'Refuse to Chose' it was such a break through for me to realise I was a plate spinner scanner and many of the suggestions in the book have helped me immensely.

However, I've also juggled a pretty unique journey over the last 10 years with a number of significant life trauma's (loosing a home and all contents in a natural disaster (that we were lucky to survive), caring for terminally ill parent before they passed away, relocating many times, relationship disasters, huge financial strain as a result of the unexpected life events etc and each time anything like this has happened I have totally lost 'control' of my systems etc. So I now have an enormous 'back log' of processing and sorting out that is required to catch up and whilst I'm attempting to progress my projects, it is hard to get anywhere and now there is growing outside pressure from people saying that I have been working on these projects for 10 years and not got anywhere...and why dont I just give up. Its hard to explain I haven't been 'working' on them for so long as I kept getting 'interputed' and essentially I have been living with post traumatic stress so now sometimes I do get overwhelmed with the amount of sorting required to get back on track. So I am not as effective/ efficient as I know I used to be. Along side of this some projects have taken on lives on their own in other directions so there are also some new projects as well as the other 5 key ones that have remained consistent goals all this time.

I have the passion and determination to keep going...I just often reflect on how I personally resonate with the idea of being an 'interupted scanner' and wonder if anyone else can relate? I think only other scanners could begin to understand what I am talking about...and appreciate any suggestions.

Onwards & upwards scanner friends :-)
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Re: Interupted Scanner...

Postby grahamcl » Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:13 am

I also have felt interrupted (not as drastically as you though!), but recently I've been going back through Barbara's "Live the Life You Love", and it has really helped. I have done the exercises before, and doing them again is giving me similar "answers", but it's different this time. As things have happened in my life, and as I've mellowed out a bit, the things that really hold my interest have changed in some ways, deepened in some areas, or faded. There are a few new ideas and interests too.

All that to say that maybe a good long "think" is in order. Perhaps taking a fresh look at where you truly want to put your energies would help. As a scanner, I know that there are some projects that I've hung onto and dabbled in over several years, and it may stay that way for another few years. I have to take stock as I go in order to decide what's important now, and go from there.
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