How can a Scanner choose & FINISH their jobs/projects?

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How can a Scanner choose & FINISH their jobs/projects?

Postby niki » Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:09 pm

I'm definitely a Scanner, and I'm from Indonesia.
I am, for one, just really glad to finally find out that there's NOTHING wrong with me indeed, it's just that I'm being misunderstood largely by the 'Specialists' type of people, whom are more abundant in our society/world seemingly.

Now, what I think many Scanners are confused and probably a lot will ask the same question is: how can we then stay in ONE career field, which unfortunately, seems to be the "standard norms" in our society/world!

I mean sure, like you said in the video "embrace being a Scanner", but in reality, HOW can we stay survive (in terms of make a living/money) in this world, if we're NOT focused, or often lack or lose focus in a job or business or a project?
As a quick personal sharing: I am now nearing my 30 years old, but unfortunately, since I figure that I've got so many interests and easily got bored in one area, and also love LEARNING more than *FINISHING* the details (which the latter seems to be the forte of the 'Specialist' type?..), I am now unfortunately seems to still not able to be "successful" by society and my parents' "traditional" and "specialist" eyes/standards! and often viewed myself as a 'loser' in this world/society! :(
I just don't know what I should DO, in reality, or the 'practical' ways to use my "Scanner" gift(s)!

Also, this is sort of similar question with above:
HOW, or WHAT should I start doing, when I have multiple dreams/passions/goals, and often got easily bored with just focus on ONE?...

hope I can receive back some answer or feedbacks.
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Re: How can a Scanner choose & FINISH their jobs/projects?

Postby SquarePeg » Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:14 pm

Shortly after I finished high school, someone advised me to read "What Color is Your Parachute?" It's primarily for career seekers and it features a little help with resume writing and cover letters. But the best thing about it are the excellent tools for self discovery that it offers. It got me thinking about what's important in a job (flex time, laid back atmosphere, research and development, support for life-long learning) and what's not (big salary, titles, authority, fancy offices, company car).

I was really a scanner, but I didn't know it. So I got a good enough job that kept my parents (and society) satisfied, but it also paid the bills very well, and connected me with like-minded souls (musicians and a Buddhist) who were also drawn to that kind of company.

Thirty years later, I've progressed quite a bit in the field, but I'm still faking it. There are bosses who see my potential and so are disappointed with me (and yet they're satisfied) and always want more from me, as if they expect me to live and breath the technology behind their product. Meanwhile I've got my family, four cats and a dog, art, music, writing, spirituality, nutrition / medical self study.

People will always want more from you. But then one day, when they learn more about you and see all the talent you have for your side interests, they'll be very impressed and envious.

What should you be doing? Own your life. Choose a job or career that combines as many favorable qualities as possible. Find out what others do for a living and what their work day is like. There are jobs out there that you and I don't even know they exist. Set your intention and draw that opportunity toward you. On your down time, set yourself little goals. Today during my free time I could've easily napped, snacked and frittered away time on Facebook and computer games. Instead I did assignments for a couple of online courses I'm taking (Reiki and Feng Shui). I trained the dog. I shared time at the piano with my daughter (another scanner) and we worked on improvisation. Yesterday was devoted to a shamanism retreat. If you really don't like finishing things, that's okay, too. You can be a starter. Some people don't know how to get started on something. You can help them. Team up with them -- they will follow through for you.

Good luck and welcome!
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