Do your wishes fit your values?

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Do your wishes fit your values?

Postby Wolf Goddess » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:48 am

Earlier this year I asked the universe for income streams involving graphic design. I needed something to come my way. Out of the blue I was contacted by a person who is starting a graphic design firm. He wanted me to be one of his artists. I jumped at the opportunity. Four months later I resigned.

There were several other graphic design opportunities that came my way. I turned them down too. Why?

At my coaching class we talked about values. I learned to think about and list my values. I learned that these play a bigger role in my life than I thought they did.

I have taken on several jobs that went against my values and paid the price for it. I developed anxiety attacks, deep depression, unexplained rage and very low self esteem. My morale was at an all time low and I cried at the very thought of looking for another desk job.

So I tried again. I asked the universe for a job that wouldn't literally make me crazy. Along came a writer who wants me to illustrate her children's book. This is right in line with my core values:

creative freedom
stress free (bad stress)

Money is not one of my top values although I would love to win the lottery and never have to work again. :D I am also very tired of being broke. Yet, I HAD to turn down those jobs. I keep thinking of the fable about the dog and the wolf. Although the dog was living the good life, the wolf could not tolerate the collar and chain the dog had to wear. I would rather be the wolf.

So when you are resisting something you thought you wanted, ask yourself why and think about what your true core values are. Do they match?

Also: do not mix up your values with your goals. Traveling around the world is not a value.
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