Interview with Marissa Meyer: Find your personal balance

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Interview with Marissa Meyer: Find your personal balance

Postby Annalena » Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:45 pm

I recently stumbled about an interview with new Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer, and they asked her for tips and advice. One part has stuck with me:

She mentioned that while most people don't mind working or even working a lot, they need to find their personal balance that enables them to do so. She mentioned a woman who would take calls at 1:30 am, but could not ever miss her children's soccer games. Or a guy that would work really hard, but only if he didnt miss potluck dinner with his friends on tuesdays.

Thinking about this, I think I personally don't mind working a lot,as long as
- I don't get the feeling it's repetitive and I have to do the same thing all the time
- I am surrounded by constantly changing enviroments and
- I don't get the feeling I am missing out on anything.

Plus, it has to pay well so I don't get the feeling people are taking advantage of me..

What is your personal balance?
~~ thinking helps. ~~
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