Forced to dive?

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Re: Forced to dive?

Postby SquarePeg » Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:06 am

Cloaks might be good to learn how to sew. My guess is that interest in Pagan/Wicca is on the rise. And even if people don't buy into the spiritual aspect of it, they might fancy the garb in the same way that crucifixes became popular in the 80s (thanks, I guess to Madonna). Hmmm, maybe the thing to do is learn how to sew any pattern. That way if a pop star appears in something unusual and it catches on, you can quickly make a bunch of it. Even if you sell them only at Halloween, that's better than nothing!

Anyway, the nearest place that we know of to buy a cloak is about a two hour drive away, so we ordered one online.
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Re: Forced to dive?

Postby Midaila » Sat Mar 22, 2014 8:58 am

I have to say that I've been increasingly happy lately. Ever since starting this discussion I've been reflecting a bit on my life and everything seems to be just fine.

Sure, there's been a lot of work to do school-wise. I just started to look at those things more short-sighted :D Only looking at few projects at hand and just putting everything else in line before those things are done.

My other lives have - suprisingly - gotten a dose of energy. Just today I planted some seeds and had great time with it. Wedding card crafting is processing smoothly. I've even started to work with a blog of my own (althought it needs some more time before I can actually publish it). I guess things keep other things balanced, all by themselves :D

Sooo... thanks again for all the good advice and support you've given me!
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Re: Forced to dive?

Postby Elaine Glimme » Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:46 am

HI, Midaila,

I'm glad things are going well.

Things are mostly going well for me as well. I'm working on "The Molly Chronicles." Slowly but steadily.

Happy sewing, planting, and everything else.
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