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What is in your daybook?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:58 pm
by elizagard
I made this list in response to another post, and wanted to find out what other people had in their daybooks. I'm curious to see or read about it.

* Photograph of kids playing music
* Map of undone projects in house (left page)
* Harmony of senses themes (right page)
* Mother nature list (left page)
* Photograph of woman alone on top of mountain "May Peace Be Yours Always (right page)
* Tea table (eating outside) photo and list (left page)
* Another table of people eating outside (right page)
* List - creative, ocean, color, nature (left page)
* Two photos - woman painting at the beach, art supplies on a desk (right page)
* List - friends, ocean, sharing, laughing (left page)
* Three photos - two friends talking, three friends at cafe, two friends walking at the beach
* List - paris, french, language, walking, old-fashioned, history, travel, museums art (left page)
* Photo - Camera store in France
* Organize American Art Museum in DC (this was 2006/7 and I've heard it's improved since then).
* Write a book about objects in the American History Museum
* Documentary or book about women immigrants
* Skip a bunch of pages
* Side Garden
* Garden at front door
* Empty pages
* Random fortune cookie fortunes about opportunity, respect, achievement, good things, and the sun pasted on page
* Blank pages
* A few pages about exercise and eating
* Blank pages
* A few pages about travel
* Scanner's big list - six pages!
* Travel - seven pages
* Sports - four pages
* Creative - two pages
* What I haven't done on my Big List pages
* What I haven't done much on my Big List Pages
* Another unfinished projects map page 2008
* Another sports page followed by blank page
* Language page followed by a blank page
* Music page followed by a blank page
* Arts and crafts followed by a blank page
* Summer 2008 page
* Excellence/competence page
* Master interest page
* Daily, weekly, monthly interest page
* Sybil interest page
* Cyclical interest/sequential interest page
* Sampler interests
* Double agent interest/wanderer interests
* Blank page
* Piano goals and French goals page
* Many blank pages
* Nature/rest/relaxation and home page
* Creativity/celebration and fashion/sensuality page
* Body/wellness and spirit/learning page
* Service/wealth page and Relationships/communication page

Re: What is in your daybook?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 2:40 pm
by SquarePeg
These are the titles just on my blog. Some of them are unpublished, though. They are arranged in reverse chronological order. I also plan to do my own fermenting soon.

Learn R -- Statistical Computing
Animated Screen Shot Recording and Broadcast
Investing Vacation Time
Google Sites
Plug-in Power for the Canon EOS
Circuit Bending
Powershell & Emacs
Try Out Firebug for Web Development
Homemade Beef Jerky
Goop for Ceramic Stove Tops
Posterous -- E-mail to Web Service
Search Engine Owners Can Harvest Ideas
Hand-Held Geiger Counter for food shopping
Free Multi-Platform Cataloging Software
Try Out Sweet Home 3D
Learn and Create with Processing
Learn Aramaic
Ripping audio streams
Low-Cost Monopods / Tripods
Re-Using Used Headlights
Introducing My Scanner Daybook

Re: What is in your daybook?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:44 am
by TeaAndToast
How cool to see what others may fill their daybooks with. Wonderfully exposing as to how unique everybody is in their tastes. Thank you for opening this up, Elizagard!
Here's another for your mix

- rough annotated sketch of a puppet character and its performance space
- same puppet, new mapped space, more annotations, questions, quotes, lines leading to and from to connect things across the page
- list of other work that feels related / sketch of stepping-stone based performance art
- "Learning to Love You More" provocation / quote from Adrian Kohler on puppetry
- 3 pages of notes relating to collection of performances, hearing others discuss, scattered thoughts, off-tangents
- jotted thoughts exploring 'Conviction', the Maori idea of 'Pou', vs. 'People Pleasing', and how that relates to 'Happy'
- rough thoughts as audience in experimental piece, trying to work out what it attempted to do vs. what actually happened
- 3 colours of pen asking and responding to "What is the investigation of this life? What tone would I like it to carry?"
- "Rosie Parker's V-Log' / "Holly-Raps"
- journalling about balancing "out" and "in", potential history behind the word "individual" and the idea of in, and of division / the relation between listening and voicing
- sketch of puppetry in live communal space, annotations, verbatim vs. written text
- design for nutritional information book as Christmas present for my Dad, partially animated book, sketches how it would work, what it would contain
- list of new theatre + film + TV discovered
- notes on interactive role with audience, testing potential flexible script
- notes on 'Bland Cesspit' world of a potential play
- series of ticks in the corner from using book as a prop
- list of props to bring in
- free-write
- a letter to Oscar Wilde
- mapping out of potential exploration for puppet collaboration + technology in theatre
- draft of a scene in Bland Cesspit world
- list of things which are at risk of being homogenized / could be lost through homogenization
- "To Watch / Read / Explore"
- draft of crucial plot events for play in the Bland Cesspit world
- 2min timed draft list of potential names for Bland Cesspit world play
- notes on collaboration
- lyrics for Hearts on Fire by Passenger
- map piecing together what specifically needs to happen to bring a text to life
- journalling on connection and disconnection, isolation
- list of beats of action
- prop list
- list of people / work to google
- explosive brainstorm of most outrageous / best-worst ideas for the ending of a piece
- beginning of a poem
- a phone number belonging to someone called Oliver
- page divided in two: "Feeling Stuck" / "Stories we tell", expanding, mapping, connecting, overlapping together
- what phrasing of objectives is most "actionable"... lists to try
- page divided in two: "Things I think I know" / "Things I think I do not know"
- provocation to myself "fill this page with gratitude", filled in in various colours
- brainstorm cloud "All the Things That Would Make Me Feel Better"
- grid of shapes 2016 - 2020 could take
- mapping, sketching, attempting to visually represent (like diagram) what great self-esteem looks like
- unfinished recreational maths problem
- work / lifestyle dreamings
- mapping what's working, what's not
- list of qualities of great storytelling
- half-started list of "Polarities and Contrasts"
- exploring how we read/recognise apathy
- notes off the back of last work
- ideal for how I'd like the audience to leave feeling...
- notes and beats of action
- notes of what's working regarding process, what's not
- reflecting on where I've come from, where I feel I am, where I'm going now
- drawn out calendar to attempt planning in time to investigate how physical well-being relates to mental/emotional/spiritual understanding of the world
- list of books to find and read
- mapping holistic "body" of mind,emotions,spirit, in relation to physical, are there parallels?
- list of accents to play with again / mini joke-doodle chart of how to gauge proficiency
- sketching out plan for accent work
- list of skills to keep working on
- divided in two: "Theatre for the People" / "Fitness and High Performance Sport"
- words to a haka
- lyrics and chords to two songs
- jotted notes on last piece of work
- brain storm to keep track of what worked in last process
- list of "The world works best when...."
- jotted notes - why did this work? why did this not?
- lists under the following: "Languages", "Neuroscience/Psychology/Education", "People + Relationships", "Accents", "Body/ Fitness / Form", "Puppetry", "Music"
- split in two: "Minimal", "Maximum" (+ quote, "What needs to be removed in order for a person to achieve highest performance" - Wayne Bennett)

Re: What is in your daybook?

PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:24 am
by BarbaraSher
LOL! These are fantastic!

Someone on a Scanner Facebook page said this:

"Does anybody else write like a million ideas, thoughts etc. all the time but never actually get round to doing any of them? I like to see it as exercising the idea muscle (as James Altucher puts it) but I can't help feel really guilty for all those ideas that will never see the light of day."

(I guess she never heard of Refuse to Choose.)

So I came to look for some discussions about Scanner Daybooks. Glad I did!

Re: What is in your daybook?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2019 9:28 pm
by k8k8
Is there somewhere I can see photos of daybooks?

Re: What is in your daybook?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 28, 2019 2:57 pm
by SquarePeg
My daybook is "virtual". I create the entries on my blog, but I don't publish them.