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Postby BarbaraSher » Thu Nov 03, 2005 1:49 pm

Here are stories from three of my success team grads. Andrea Reese NYC Registered Success Team Leader Gloria Wong's goal was to return to her passion for painting that she had abandoned several years ago because the competition was getting her down. In her second Success Team meeting I gave her the homework assignment of creating one \"bad painting\", a technique of Barbara's that I've used for many years to take the pressure off any kind of performing. It worked. At the next meeting, she said (and she actually looked guilty!), \"I have to admit that as soon as I tried to make a bad painting, I got inspired and ended up making eight really good ones instead.\" In one week! She showed us one of the paintings and we were all so impressed. From then on, for about three months, she worked on the goal of putting up her own show and making it one of the stops on the Long Island City (LIC) Artists Open Studios 2005. Once she got started, she was unstoppable. Just a few weeks ago the whole team came to her opening. She had a spectacular exhibit right in her living room. She put a long bench with silk pillows in the middle of the room to create the atmosphere of a gallery, and a friend of hers played soft guitar music. Her amazing paintings were arranged beautifully. Today's letter told me she sold three paintings! Mary Weill was in a Success Team I ran about a year ago. At the first meeting she told us that her dream since she was a teenager was to live in Spain. For years, she'd done her best to bring a taste of Spain into her Manhattan life. She took Spanish lessons and dance lessons, and went to Spanish movies, ate at Spanish restaurants, but it was never really enough. The other members of the team went home and rifled their rolodexes for contacts and showed Mary how to search for useful discussion groups on the Internet. At the third meeting she told us that she would have to miss the following week's meeting because she was taking one-week trip to Madrid! She came back with photos, face shining, and said she had never loved a place so much! Yesterday I got an email from her. She wanted to let me know that she had moved to Barcelona. David Gibb's dream was to have his own Manhattan publicity company, specializing in theater. He joined a Success Team two years ago and the weekly meetings got him into action. Each week he took some steps to get his business organized, and impressed all of us with his reports. He was gathering emails, addresses and phone numbers of people at all the major NY magazines,papers, TV and radio stations so he could send press releases to them about plays that were opening (if any theaters would hire him to do it!). Then he put together all the glowing Thank You's from the theaters he'd been helping informally up to that time. (He was already building a reputation. The theaters and the media people he contacted say he's the best PR guy they ever worked with.) So by the fourth week he was sending his letters out and contacting the theaters to see if they wanted his services. He got his first client before the team's eight weeks were over! And he did such an amazing job for them that the other theaters noticed and his phone started ringing and hasn't stopped since. He just sent me this e-mail today. He had been contacted by a client who'd worked with several bigshot PR people but no one could get a reporter from The New York Times to come to their theater and write a review. (David says it's a really hard thing to do). Well, not only did David get them a feature article in The New York Times (!) the reporter took them all out to dinner! :o :lol:
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