Better life without self-improvement

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Better life without self-improvement

Postby Heather Duggan » Sat Nov 26, 2005 11:51 am

I had a funny discussion recently with my first practice team. We'd gotten together for an online idea party (a year after starting our success team) and I'd just gotten everyone's wishes/obstacles down. One of the members said "Damn! Aren't these *exactly* the same wishes and obstacles we had when we started? I still don't know what I love, and she's still trying to figure out the perfect work for herself!" Another member said, "Yes, they *are* exactly the same obstacles, but we've achieved so much in the last year. We both ended our dysfunctional marriages, we both re-entered the workforce and found good jobs, we both found great places to live, I'm going for an accounting degree and you've written and edited a novel. So, yes, we're the same people with the same imperfections, but our *lives* are completely transformed."
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