Breakaway from the Abyss

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Breakaway from the Abyss

Postby Franlie » Sat Jan 21, 2006 7:50 pm

The following is submitted with the kind permission of the first Success Story from my very first Guelph Success Team. These are his words: I've always wanted and desired to help people to better their circumstances; particularly, the underdogs of society. I took employment with a social agency with the understanding that this was more than just a job. It was an opportunity to be an "agent of social change." In the beginning it was just that; however, as time went on this agency of social change became just another bureaucratic institution. The atmosphere became poisonous and resistant to changes to better the lives of those we supported. Finally after 16 years of trying to be an "agent of social change," I was sick, depressed and deeply frustrated. In March of 2005, my friend Franlie invited me to an Idea Party in Toronto (hosted by Joyanna). I was guarded, as I have been disappointed by other self-improvement seminars and motivation speakers. WOW!!! SHAZAM! I listened to Joyanna and her guests and was awed by the amazing dreams and ideas shared by those present. On the way home, Franlie and I had a very in-depth discussion about what Barbara Sher's Success Teams were all about. Because of it's unusual but, commonsense approach that blows away the barriers we have been programmed to build, I felt my guard being dropped and hope building. In October of 2005, we began our journey at a local coffee shop and soon explored the undiscovered country of possibilities. I began to see that I was my own worst enemy and that I had been receiving messages from my employer and coworkers that destroyed my self-worth. As we went through the exercises I began to see that I could dream big and that realizing those dreams was possible. However, I was still resisting by hiding behind obstacles I erected for myself. Finally after a few weeks, one of my fellow team members gave me a psychological kick that I'm still feeling. The accountability of the team structure forced me to take action and craft a plan that I immediately put into place. My first goal was to seek new employment to remove me from the poisonous environment and helped me to get clarity on what I really want. It was truly amazing how setting a concrete goal enabled me to achieve in a startlingly short time. I set a goal to get an interview for any job by the following meeting, and I got two! The next goal was to get a job. I got two job offers. This was an incredible boost for my self-confidence as I saw each goal I set become a stair step out of the pit where I'd existed for so long. Seemly overnight, I got the job where I have been for almost two months now. It has been amazing how my perspective has changed as I set my next set of goals towards the next plateau whatever that may be. I feel like I live in a whole new world where all things are possible. Who knows where my next adventure may take me. Stay tuned. The Success Team remains a force in my life encouraging me to move on.
Franlie Allen Registered Leader Guelph, ON Canada
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Postby MDG » Tue Mar 28, 2006 12:17 am

Beautiful, Franlie! Your team member says it so well! Please congratulate him for me. Mahara
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