After 42 Years of Dreaming, a Pilot's License

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After 42 Years of Dreaming, a Pilot's License

Postby pattyn » Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:15 am

This past Saturday was a gorgeous, clear, fall day in Bucks County, PA, with nearly unlimited visibility and a bright, blue sky. The leaves on the trees were a mix of greens, yellow, and reds. There was just a light breeze. And, on that breeze, a Success Team member triumphed at a dream he had held for 42 years. Since he was a teenager, he longed to have a pilot's license, to be able to rent or own a plane and fly it whenever he wanted. He paid to fly on other's planes. He learned to recognize every make of small plane flying overhead. He checked out homes located on runways and calculated how far away from his job he would have to go to be able to afford one. But getting the license was always a "someday" thing. On Saturday, one of those sorts of days that had fed his desire to get up in the sky and just go, he took and passed his FAA check ride with ease. He has his license now. Why didn't he do this earlier? Because there are obstacles between us and our dreams, some in our pocketbooks, some in our calendars, some in our ignorance, and some in the fears and worries and doubts we inherited from those who raised us. He had broken through each one of these with his Success Team, all the while returning the favor and helping them toward their dreams. Some weeks, he would study another chapter in the textbook in the wee hours of the morning or take time off from an urgent project to practice landings or navigating, just to be sure he could report some progress to his team. Other weeks, he would use a Hard Times Session to rail against the instructors who made themselves unavailable or the number of hours he still had to come up with money for. Early on, his reports to his Success Team were what surfaced his fear of doing something just for the joy of it, a leftover from a childhood of having things he loved taken away from him. It was also a Success Team member who pushed him to check out the validity of some of his assumed obstacles before planning ways to push past them. And every time he told a fellow Success Team member not to give up, he knew he was telling himself, too. I hoot and holler and do the Snoopy Dance of Joy for every Success Team member who reaches a goal, but this one's even better. He's my own personal pilot, the man I married, the love of my life. I get to fly with him. Do you have any dreams you've been carrying with you since childhood? I want to teach you Barbara Sher's incredible approach to doing what you've always thought was impossible. I'll travel with you and your team for the first eight weeks. Then you will know all you need to know to keep going together. You'll be on your way to creating a business from your passion or reigniting your career or moving to a place that calls to you or setting off on your long overdue travels or dropping 100 pounds to regain your health. My next team is by telephone, starting October 27th. We'll be on the phone from 2 pm to 4 pm NY time each Monday and on the internet between calls. If there's no Success Teams leader in your area, and you want to make your dream come true, I hope you'll join us.
- Patty Newbold
Director, Sher Success Teams
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