Some NYC Success Stories....

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Some NYC Success Stories....

Postby NYCTeamLeader » Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:56 pm

Hi, Everyone, It's me, Andrea, the NYC Success Team leader, and Barbara Sher's Assistant. It's been a great year in New York for Success Teams. I ran four teams in 2009, and here are just a few of the success stories: * One team member had two big dreams; becoming a yoga teacher and moving to Argentina...and she's now a yoga teacher in Argentina!!! Congratulations, Katie! * One team member was so anxious about her job's stability that her energy was constantly being drained. She has switched to a much more stable job, and is pursuing her true dream of working in neuroscience. Getting out of the original job that was causing her so much stress has giving her so much more energy to go after her real dream. Congratulations to Ola! * One member dreamed of having a fancy jewelry show in Manhattan, and she did it. I was there taking pictures, and it was a spectacular, where she made fantastic contacts for her magnificent jewelry. Congralations, Amy! * One member had been in a job she despised for years. With her team's encouragement, she realized she had enough savings to leave the job and focus 100% for a while on her dream of putting together a photo book. Congratulations, Alexandra! * One member was distressed by the clutter in her apartment, and every time she got home after work, she felt as though she was drowning in clutter. Her entire team went to her home for a day and helped declutter the whole place, and now it's magnificent! She had a "House Re-warming Party" to celebrate! Congratulations, Alice! * One member who thought she wanted to pursue nursing realized that her true dream was to be a doctor, and with the support of her team she has applied to her first choice schools. She'd been avoiding applying for nursing school, thinking it was just because she was lazy, when in fact it was because she wasn't pinpointing what she truly wanted. Congratulations, Sarah! Those are just a few of the many stories from this past year! I've run over 55 teams over the past 10 years and it has been so exciting and incredible! Kudos to Barbara for inventing and designing such an extraordinary program. What a privilage it is to be a Success Team leader.
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Re: Some NYC Success Stories....

Postby educguess » Mon Dec 21, 2009 5:25 pm

Kudos!!!!! Andrea to you and the Team Members. Barbara's Success Teams are awesome. LOL
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