Proud report on maiden voyage success team

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Proud report on maiden voyage success team

Postby artefent » Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:30 pm

Dear ST Community

I am proud to report that my first 8 wk ST workshop ended on August 20 2012.
Our core team was 5 members (including myself, as required). Our Ideas Party in week 7 assembled 12 quality guests.
Our core team made substantial progress toward their personal goals ranging from a newfound career opportunity, a career change into an interesting field of animal-assisted therapy. There was also considerable progress made on 2 members desire to spend big chunks of time working/volunteering in Southeast Asia.
My personal goal now is to keep ST running and of course the challenge now is to find great team-mates.

Art Feinman, Registered Success Team Leader
Success Teams Melbourne
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Re: Proud report on maiden voyage success team

Postby BarbaraSher » Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:24 am

Congratulations, Artefent!

Tell us more! Sorry about the delay in answering. Now that Patty Newbold has taken over Success Teams, things will get more active.

I'd love to hear what happened in your first Success Team (and any thereafter), how your 7th Week Idea Party went, and what's become of your graduates. Are they continuing together? Have they had any success stories?

Did you (and they) know that graduate teams often call their original leader (that's you) to do a 'Team Clinic' and get them rolling again? They pay a small fee - years ago it was about $25 per person - for a one-time visit from you to get everyone back on track. Why do they need this? Because teams sometimes turn into a group of close friends - which is great, but everyone needs reminding that they must never forget to go after their dreams, and Success Teams are the surest way to achieve those dreams.

Also come over to Facebook: There you you can announce great things like completing your first Success Team and it won't be overlooked for so long. Most of us didn't get any notification, I'm sorry to say. We're fixing that problem, but I still love Success Team leaders to have a presence on Facebook. (It's a good way to get people to know about you, and sign up for future teams.) I'll nag you about Twitter some other time. :-)
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