An Arizona Success Story

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An Arizona Success Story

Postby robertr1276 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:34 pm

My story is about a student in my Success Team that ran July & August of 2012. She was working for someone else, doing the marketing for that business. Her dream was to have her own business doing marketing for other small businesses.

When she first joined the Success Team, she shared her dream with with us, but also said she just wasn't sure if she could really do it. A couple of weeks later she sounded more positive, saying that she thought maybe she could do it, but it would probably take 9 months to a year to be able to leave her full-time job.

A couple weeks later her confidence was much higher & by the end of the Success Team she was brimming with confidence.

In November she gave notice to her boss. He talked her into staying until December. She agreed, but is now running her business full-time, has several clients and is doing wonderfully!

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