Do you really want to write a book?

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Do you really want to write a book?

Postby Tituba » Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:45 am

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Re: Do you really want to write a book?

Postby BarbaraSher » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:34 pm

LOL! Well, she's got a lot of good advice: come up with a bunch of sub-subjects and write about 700 words on each. Then you've got a rough of your book. It can make a good proposal, or a good eBook (because they're usually much shorter).I'm assuming she's talking about non-fiction since those are the ones she gave numbers for.

My books always take about 2 years to write, and that's when I'm writing for hours almost every day. In many ways I love that. I enjoy knowing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing each day. And I like writing relatively rough and sloppy pieces and really enjoy the rewriting. I also have some good practices that keep the whole process interesting.

One that I never avoid doing: get a list of willing friends (I secretly call them 'willing victims') to look at each piece when the first rough draft is complete. Ask them to comment a lot! You want to know what they like, what they don't understand, what they wish you'd write more about, what personal stories they remember while reading (hopefully you can include some of them, but all of them will give you ideas), and to ask you as many questions as they like. Your answers can be added to the rough draft. Be sure to explain that you want absolutely no editing suggestions from your friends at this time (unless they're professional editors). If they think they're supposed to be editors, they'll either be too overwhelmed too do what you really need from them, or they won't be overwhelmed enough and will make you nuts with punctuation corrections.


I'm always eager to get their comments, and it keeps me going.

I wouldn't mind getting a few of yours, too. Re this post, that is. Have you ever tried this, and what were the results?
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Re: Do you really want to write a book?

Postby Elaine Glimme » Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:43 pm

My willing victims are a creativity group. We meet once a month and share what we've written, drawn, or played on the piano. For me, the the best part of writing - the touchstone - is getting to share it with friends. So the creativity group keeps me motivated. I've just joined another writing group at our library, so that's another group of willing victims.

You are very clear about the feedback that you want, and I'm going to be more specific about that from now on.
Thanks for the ideas.

And I love "Wishcraft".
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