best practices to market a kindle book?

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best practices to market a kindle book?

Post by CoachTarra »

A warm hello,

It's my first post and I'm so glad to be here.

I'm really excited about the kindle platform and how it empowers anyone to be an author. My husband recently wrote and published his first how to book and did it in 9 days (A short how to book that took 7 days to write). I'm inspired to write my own book too and have lots of ideas (I'm a scanner). My only question is around how to market it. I do have a newsletter list of 3K, but I'm interested in outside the box strategies for marketing and leveraging kindle. What do you suggest? What has worked for you or friends/colleagues?



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Re: best practices to market a kindle book?

Post by Elaine Glimme »

HI, Coach Tarra,

I've complained a lot about marketing and have not had much luck in that department. The nice thing about self-pub is that you don't really risk much in producing the work.

I wrote a humorous book about dogs so the genre should sell easily - well easier than a serious book. If I get any success, or have any good ideas, I'll share them. I'm not great at the social media, but I know that's the key. You also try to target the audience that you think will be interested in your book.

Good wishes.
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Re: best practices to market a kindle book?

Post by skannie »

Hi Tarra

if you already have a newsletter list of 3,000 I think you're well ahead of most of us here on marketing. Can you tell us how you did it? Do you have a blog? Do you offer a freebie to people who sign up? How do you make your newsletter and how often do you send it?

In addition to that, I suggest creating a Facebook page for the book which people can "like". It's different from an FB profile although it looks similar. When you're signed in to Facebook, look for the small downward pointing arrowhead icon in the top right corner. Click on it and then click on Create Page in the list that drops down.

Twitter can also be used. But don't tweet just book promotional stuff because that gets boring. Sprinkle the promotional tweets lightly among other interesting stuff. Also retweet tweets from people you follow and they'll probably do the same for you.

If it's a non-fiction book, you can show your expertise on the subject by joining relevant forums, LinkedIn groups, FB groups etc. and joining in or starting interesting or helpful conversations. You need to be a bit subtle about it. Joining them just to post direct promotions is generally not welcome. If people like what you say, they can usually follow a link to your profile or website to find out more about what you do.
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