Writing in a foreign language?

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Writing in a foreign language?

Post by AnnaMagic »

Hello everybody, I'd like to ask your opinion about something.
I am italian, so english is not my native language. I'm into a process to improve my writing skills, and that's something we all relate to in this section. But I really think that the english language would be a better vehicle for my communication. I have a feeling that I could reach more people, that I could get in touch with so many different mindsets and that thrills me... Here's the question: do you think that any publisher of an english speaking country could ever consider any manuscript submitted by a foreigner? (i.e. I got C1 as a result of the Academic IELTS examination and I keep studying english every day of my life)
What's more: is a cooperation between an author and a publisher possible in the distance? And does anybody have any idea of what the laws in this field are? I mean, does a foreigner author have to live/become a citizen of the country where he has a publishing contract? (I'm not talking about translations, in that case it's different of course, but I refer to a first publishing of an article or book).
I could simply write a blog or self-publish something online, or I could get my manuscript translated by a professional first, but it's not the same to me. I'd like to try and sell short stories to magazines, webzines or even try and publish some book (I'm quite into erotica, for instance). Does anybody have any experience, information, suggestion about it? Did you ever published in a country that's not yours or wrote for some foreign website maybe? Any idea is welcome.
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Re: Writing in a foreign language?

Post by Elaine Glimme »

Your English seems quite good, so yes, you could probably get published. Selling to magazines is a lot easier than getting a book published, so you't probably something that you could do. In US getting published is hard, but not impossible, and as I said, short stories are an easier sell. You could communicate with your publisher through the Internet.
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