Climate Change

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Climate Change

Postby jcjm » Mon Jan 06, 2020 10:32 am

This is prompted by Russell Crowes non appearance at the Golden globes and his acceptance speech.

While there are things that are related to climate change there are also things that aren't and people would be deceived if they accepted everything that was thrown out there without a close look at its validity.

Climate change focuses a lot on CO2 emission and some would have you think everything wrong in the world would be fixed if we got rid of gasoline and cows.
That's not true.

1) Solar, wind and batteries have their own problems with pollution both in production and waste disposal. Not to mention they are not viable in a lot of places. (Solar only works in 13 states all 12 months of the year and wind is non existent in some places)

2) There were 1/2 a BILLION buffalo in the US in the 1800s. Why weren't cow farts a problem then?

3) It is a global problem and regional solutions won't work. The US has decreased CO2 emissions by 15% from the high while China has continued to increase them. So if we do everything right China and other countries will negate any positive effect if they don't also follow suit. So you need to start with the end in mind, the people who aren't decreasing emissions and get off the backs of those that are.

4) Building a house on a cliff and blaming a mudslide on its destruction or tearing down forest to make new homes, then blaming a forest fire for their destruction, or having bears and wolves in your backyard, etc. is stupidity and greed, not climate change, Maybe environmental change but not climate change.

Some things to think about when people throw a blanket statement at you. Is it really climate change? Is it man made? If I do it but China doesn't, will it have an impact?
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Re: Climate Change

Postby Scenario Thinker » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:35 pm

As far as climate change, I don't know what the solution should be. There would have to be a way to somehow use the existing energy-generating sources that we use today and as we build sustaining systems, then convert the energy use to the new systems and eventually wean off oil and gas.

For 2), it's more about the industrialization of meat production, not so much their farts. There are immense green house gases produced from machines, land conversion use, livestock feed, etc., that contribute. Buffalo were not eaten the same way in the 1800's.

For 4), to me, climate change has more to do with things like the decreasing polar ice caps, the disappearance of the coral reefs, fish dying, and maybe the wildfires of Australia and some of the other hurricanes and tornadoes that have slightly gained in strength lately and may be from the warmer Earth. Not to mention all the measurements they're doing for Co2, methane, etc.
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Re: Climate Change

Postby SquarePeg » Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:48 pm

Adding onto ST's #4, which I agree with...

There are some regions affected by invasive growth of plants that would normally die back in a slightly cooler environment. And with those plants (barberry, perhaps, is one example) not dying back, populations of ticks, mosquitoes and rodents proliferate. So we'll see rare bug-born diseases become more wide-spread.
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