Rules of the political forum

Political discussions of any type are welcome here. All we ask is that you try to respect everyone's views, and that you use facts to back up any claims that you make.

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Rules of the political forum

Postby merk » Tue May 26, 2009 3:43 pm

This forum is not meant to start fights between left and right, republican and democrat, up or down. Ideally this will be a place where people can hear about the other side of an issue. However, politics being politics, things can and do get a little heated. So I'd like to ask everyone to try and take a step back if you find yourself getting a little hot under the collar before you hit the submit button. Also, to make sure that no one registers on the board specifically for the politics section, both to avoid trolls and to make sure we aren't attracting people strictly for political discussions ( which isn't the main purpose of the Sher boards) I've implemented some minimum requirements before you can post in here. I'm not going to post what the requirements are since i don't want people trying to meet them just to post in here. However, once you meet them, you'll automatically be given permission to post replies or start your own topics (there's already over 1200 people who have access). Everyone has access to read the posts in here though.
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