Same-sex marriage

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Same-sex marriage

Postby merk » Fri May 31, 2013 1:50 pm ... les-about/
Heard an interesting new story on the radio the other day.

Turns out the worst thing that endangers marriage is women :)

They did some studies comparing happiness/divorce etc between male/female couples, male/male and female/female

Turns out women are more likely to be unhappy with a relationship and file for a divorce then men are.

Also turns out that a same sex couple tends to be more egalitarian , they think because there's no traditional gender lines to divide chores up. male/male couples tended to be happier with their relationship, but they also tended to be the least monogamous. And they found that both parents tends to be more involved with the child then in a male/female couple. I'm sure there will be a few bigots foaming at the mouth if they hear that story.
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