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About the Still Point

Postby MDG » Mon Apr 27, 2009 3:09 pm

I happened to see it at... http://www.stillpointproject.com ...Which was linked at the site of the supplier of Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salts I like to use for baths, footbaths, and hand baths, at a 1% solution...as 'salty'-tasting as tears. http://www.heartfeltliving.com It is even more interesting to me since the baths seem to produce a 'still' feeling as well...grounded...soothed. ....................... "The western way is to take a heroic stance in life, to battle our way past great obstacles ... This plunge toward what we want sets up opposition in the unconscious. The East teaches quite a different attitude ... if one finds an antagonism he is taught to withdraw the cause of the antagonism by meditation, detachment, finding a stillness in his attitude and thus bringing the opposition to a stop. If the antagonistic forces are diminished the battle will stop. The East has described this cessation of antagonism as the Divine Nothing, The Great Void, the Stillness, the Creative Nothing, Nirvana - the Still Point. This is not to say that one way is better than the other ... But the contrast is instructive from either point of view." -- Robert Johnson ....................... ...The idea fascinates me. I am thinking that there would be no 'problem' that could not be overcome...or no achievement we couldn't accomplish, if we were truly still, within. Or, I'll try to say it a better way... ...That all of mankind's best achievements will be accomplished when we are 'still', within. Or, that we will find our way to living our exact 'right' way, when we are 'still', within. ...That we will automatically do our best things. ...And, that we will reflect/project the energy needed to help all on earth...and receive the same energy. I know, I know...that sounds mighty ambitious, and I doubt that any of us can accomplish it by 'concentrating', etc., for that would be 'unquiet', within...wouldn't it? Just wondering.
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