Losses and Gains

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Losses and Gains

Postby Calliope » Sun Dec 28, 2003 9:33 am

From Barbara Sher's <u>it's only too late If You Don't Start Now</u>: "The lesson is clear. Simply remember to say hello with all your heart to everyone and everything you love every time you see them. Remember each moment as it happens and store it in your memory. Loss is always painful, but you invite tragedy when you foget to appreciate how good things are when you're in the middle of them and remember only after they're gone. It won't be easy. Left to our own devices, we can't help taking things for granted. We've always got our minds on the next thing. The only thing strong enough to wake us up is the knowledge that our time is not endless. Face that, and time falls into your lap like a present from the sky.
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