For Everyone - List your 2007 Success

Success means taking real steps in the direction of your dream. Talk about them here. You deserve to be commended, hailed, supported, admired, copied and shamelessly promoted.

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Re: For Everyone - List your 2007 Success

Post by sceptique »

Oh, and another addition! Just to finish 2007 with a bang, I got £27,000 in bank loans to fund my start-up business. The money hit my account on 31 December - nice reason for a champagne toast!
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Re: For Everyone - List your 2007 Success

Post by TheGoToGuy »

Here's some of my 2007 highlights: - My wife and I had our 1st child (and I was her birthing partner - right there the whole time!) - My online business efforts generated positive cashflow every single month of the year - I released my first product (a set of training videos for creating websites) and earned some significant income which has helped me expand my business - My wife and I sold our small New York apartment and bought a larger one (to make room for our growing family.) Lots of other little things happened along the way, but those are some of the big ones. Andrew Seltz The Go-To Guy!
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Re: For Everyone - List your 2007 Success

Post by Heartofstgiles »

I started the Heart of St Giles Tour ... and in doing so amazed myself

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Re: For Everyone - List your 2007 Success

Post by ellecee »

I have a huge smile on my face while reading all of these posts! :D I am so happy for everyone's accomplishments and successes. I have a few to list for myself for 2007. -I finished two handmade books that I had started in free classes at my library a few years ago. I couldn't figure out what they should end up looking like. They were just sitting in drawers while I endlessly waffled on my decision. -I began two altered journals with collage, and other techniques. I have so many old journals and decided that since they have beautiful covers, I will cover over all of the writing and make them into something completely different, rather than having them sit on shelves cluttering and gathering dust. -Backed up my computer on an external hard drive after losing all my photos and other precious data when the computer crashed in Mar 2007. Now I back up. Duh! :lol: -Stopped blogging on my trivial blog and deleted it. But have been considering blogging about my book/altered arts. Also have been reading other book/altered arts blogs and replying, getting some responses from other bloggers. Creating community! -I've been researching book arts techniques, and have been corresponding via email with friends who are interested in same. Exchanging photos. -Continually decluttering house! -Stopped watching so much useless TV and began reading non-fiction again. -Reading and slowly deciphering French magazines. Tried tapes from library. Dull. Much prefer topical and stimulating magazines. And they increase my language fluency substancially. I'll look forward to reading more successes from everyone.

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Re: For Everyone - List your 2007 Success

Post by Cheesecurry »

Hmmm, 2007 seems so long ago! My easiest one is that I quit my job in November and my whole world just got lighter and brighter. Having worked up the courage to do that I enjoyed having a break :) I did manage a few things at work that I'm proud of, the main one was seeing a website that I'd been pushing for years finally come to fruition and make a difference to people. Outside of work: - Helped run the contemporary dance group I'm in as it got ready to go independent. - Learnt about Interaction Design and actually applied for a job (they froze recruitment the day after my interview due to a take over!) - Bought a video camera and started filming dance rehearsals for reference - Bought our bungalow (with stairs!) - very proud of that one Not quite on a par with some others, but I like I'm just starting to really think about what I want to achieve now in 2008, after so many years of just doing as expected, so I'm hoping that next year's post will be much more spectacular! :wink: :mrgreen:
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