This may or may not count as a success story

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Re: This may or may not count as a success story

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Congratulations!!! Wear the most conservative/classic outfit you've got in which you feel physically comfortable -- no overtight waistband or collar, itchy seams, or ill-fitting sleeve or pant length. And bring a backup with you, in case you dump a cup of coffee on yourself or break a heel off you shoe en route.
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Re: Further update

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DJCNOR wrote:What if they offer me a job somewhere other than near where I live?
Know the answer to this and any other questions that might come your way. Participate. Know what information you will give and what you won't and how you'll do it. Know what the "assessment" is all about and what it's for. Make your list now of all the questions you need to ask in the interview. Good luck to you. Here's hoping you receive an offer of everything you want.

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Re: This may or may not count as a success story

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Well, I did the interview, which didn't go at all badly considering that I've never done any such type of job before. Actually, it was pretty interesting. First we had an hour and a half "in-box" task in which we kept getting handed paperwork tasks to work on and try to complete by the end of the hour and a half along with about 6 interruptions to deal with now, later, or dismiss. Then we had a regular interview, each on our own, in which two people asked past experiences that demonstrated particular competencies or relevant experiences. that was about an hour long. And then we had a role playing game in which we were to convince a person assigned to the program to actively participate, then convince them to interview with a particular possible employer, then convince the employer to interview them. I thought I did pretty good, but not well enough apparently. I was turned down. Which was OK because I really wasn't sure I wanted the job anyhow. But i was glad I did the interview because it proved to me that I could manage pretty well in one. Also because I got to spend a night in the same B&B I've been staying in since I took my first trip to Europe, the Limegrove Hotel near Victoria Station. It's very basic, but everything works and the breakfast is decent enough to see me to dinner the next day with just a snack. I've come to know the extremely nice owner over my various stays, so I got a two-single-bed room, the last room they had available that night for £30, which is danged cheap for London. When I arrived after the interview to claim my room, Joyce, the owner, asked if I'd eaten and then, since I hadn't, brought me into her family's rooms and fed me dinner. Then later, she said she was free the next day and would I like to do something together. We walked all the way to the Victoria and Albert Museum (free, or a donation) and then visited several of the exhibits that didn't cost extra. I never get tired of that museum. So, this adventure's over, and I get to keep on searching for the job I really want. Yes, I'd say, at the end of the day (a Briticism which means "altogether"), it's a success story. Donna

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