150 Steps In September

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Re: 150 Steps In September

Post by jewelB »

Dani! glad you're sensing progress. I join you is saying, "Yea, for the neurologist" continued healing. . . Mannix! 12 boxes. . . wow that's impressive. It's so hard not to compare ourselves to others. You are not inferior. An8el! good sleep-- there's nothing like it! Love those house sitting jobs! Spiegel! a piano what a good thing! (just call me Martha !) JaneB! you've really been put thru it and have risen to the occasion. so impressed that you kept your balance with rehearsals and voice lessons. hang tough with that neighbor! Lynx! it can be so healing to let the emotions flow. . . but so hard to feel hijacked by them. You've had impact with me. . . when recruiting for this E-Course I noticed myself counting viewing each contact differently. Even when one interested person had to decline, I found myself thinking "next time" !! thank you Summarizing the month. Membership forum-- nothing Meditation CD--nothing Book -- nothing Listening session-- continued Reading -- got lots done E-Course -- up and running Fitness -- really enjoying it-- (didn't count # of times I did it) Nutrition-- huge improvement (it take a lot of time to eat well) Weight-loss-- still at 7 pounds As for me. . . boy September isn't what I thought it might be. Not sure why I'm looking back disappointedly when I've had some clear successes ?? This E-course is a big deal for me and I feel very good about it. I've had an unexpected request for a proposal accepted-- a small, paying gig! Fitness and nutrition are so important. I'm going to try to take a careful at October. thanks, all!! --julie

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last day, not last steps

Post by Lynx »

Signing out for 09 08 Great community we have going here. The support I receive, plus insights, have made a difference to my well-being. Thanks all for the supportive words. I've worked clear again. Feeling a bit better due to having sold out my stocks (at huge losses) back in May. Could have waited and lost even more. Grateful for stopping the bleeding when I did. Today had a difference of opinion about the syntax of meetings for a small project (<$50/month): who to meet with next/first. I kept to my position and my supervisor had another. I have my bases for mine, I guess she does for hers. We could not agree. So I resigned. What happens next is critical and if I don't think it is right I won't do it. Another person in the organization called and asked me to hold up the letter a couple of days. She is trying shuttle diplomacy. So I wait, but I will have it ready. No shame. Shane is one of my metaphors. L
"Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs." Vaclav Havel

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Re: 150 Steps In September

Post by Mannix »

Hi, everyone, Lynx and Jewell, thanks for the encouragement on the teleconference buddy. After talking with her, I think the sense of inferiority was definitely with me. And I did decide to continue with the declutter project. There is still so much to do! I feel like someone who has 50 pounds to lose and has lost the first three. You may not see dramatic improvement yet, but you know the progress is there. One of my goals for next month will be to watch out for the desire to switch goals - it's resistance and I don't see it when it's got me surrounded! Lynx, hope the shuttle diplomacy falls your way. Jewell, 7 pound weight loss! Wow! Congratulations! An8el, did you ever get the mold off that jacket? Bedtime soon for me. Can't believe OCTOBER IS HERE??? How did that happen? Good night, everyone! -- Mannix

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Re: 150 Steps In September

Post by dani »

Just wanted to let all of you wonderful people know that I actually accomplished my goals before the end of September(around midnight). Yup, I got the student work evaluated that needed to get done and hopefully my grad assistant will handle the entries. Also got two more chapters in the hopper for assignments, So many of you have made impressive strides that I hope I can address you individually in October. But for now, I'm going to have to turn in so I can make it up in time for the oral surgery. Bleh! :evil: Love to all, dani :)

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Re: 150 Steps In September

Post by An8el »

Good work Dani! Yes - got the mold out of the leather coat. First wiped it down dry. Then used Murphy's Oil soap that's for wood floors. It was liquid soap, so easier to use than saddle soap - scrubbed it into the leather. Then popped it in the wash for a cold water rinse. Now it's drying out all the way by being hung up the hot car. It looks good, doesn't look like it is going to get stiff at all. A little darker than it was, but I like the consistent color. My wrap-up for Sept. goals - Was not able to sell or fix the brakes on the SUV. Need to rethink my strategies on that one. Did not make enough money to buy my ticket to CA for the trip I have planned in Nov. to make money. Need to figure that one out ASAP. Did not sell stuff. Forgot to bring the camera to the house-sit, but now I'm back so that's on the agenda for Oct. goals. On the positive side, Seem to be recovering from a depression that came from the breaking up process with b/f. Didn't realize how serious it was until I started to come out of it. Made two new friends - both genders. Completely healed from the sprained ankle that's been bothering me since January. (Must have been that memory foam posture-pedic mattress at the house-sit.) Sent out my billing to hopefully generate some more money that was REALLY hard for me to do but was a complete no-brainer to generate some future cash. But I'm not very hopeful that anyone will pay me in this current financial climate. Got my rent together by the skin of my teeth, so met my absolute minimums. Did damage control putting off paying my other bills successfully. Managed to resist spending ANYTHING so the money got saved. Proud I can still scrimp when I want to. Made $150. from beating the bushes for short-term jobs. A wonderful traveler gave me $200. because I needed it. I'd been a generous host for the guy and made his stay in Hawaii a really fun and inexpensive visit because of introductions to my other friends who adopted him and lived cheaply. So I guess my intuition to stop and offer him a ride after slightly recognizing him walking along the road saved my bacon, in this case. Speaking of damage control, kept an important money-maker job on the mainland that I'm doing in Nov. by some fast phone calling to find a sub yesterday for Halloween decorating. It was touch and go because the person I arranged to do it injured his wrist at the last moment. Now I have a great reference from house-sitting. - references are everything where I live. Got some exercise because walking from my house-sitting job to town was the perfect distance away. Ate wisely. Drank more water, which I think helps with getting leaner. Cooked for myself instead of snacking. Don't we sound so - virtuous on this thread!? :jawdrop:

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