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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:00 pm
by velvet
returning to the money discussion... I saw an ad for a new cable tv deal, $30 a month for 12 months. It's a pretty good deal, and occasionally I get cable tv and enjoy it. Here's how I looked at the deal. First of all, I know with taxes and other fees, this would be more like $40 a month. I did the math for a year - 40x12= $480. (I often do the math for a whole year when I consider an expense, like a cell phone, coffee at a cafe once a week for a year, etc, to give me a clear perspective on how much I'm spending). $480... do I want $480 worth of cable tv or do I want something else more? I tend to prefer travel to a lot of things, and nearly $500 can pay for half a trip to the ocean for a week. Do I want to watch more tv? Do I like my cable-free life right now or do I really deeply want cable tv, 500 dollars worth? The choice was no. It could, of course, have been yes. But with school, a boyfriend, and work, I don't really have the time to watch cable tv, nor do I want to watch more tv. I've seen every episode on hgtv so that now when I get to watch it at someone's house, I've already seen that show. I like that my life is full and happy just as it is. I'd rather save the money and keep having fun. I might want cable tv later on, even $500's worth, but not right now. so that's one bill I dont have to pay, and that's money that can go for what I really want, like not having to work so many hours and instead spending the time doing yoga or relaxing so that I have less tension in my body. :)