i have done a step

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i have done a step

Postby cosmogirl » Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:19 am

Hello everyone! I know the work of Barbara Sher for 3 years now. A lot has changed. I always was searching for something, I always wanted to feel free, but didnt know why or what to dream about. After reading the books I realized, that I was not living the life I wanted to, that I was living a life that is typical in germany and/or for my surrounding. So after one year of searching and trying to understand what was making me unhappy, I did some radical steps - although I read and heard that this is not necessary. But for me this was feeling just right: So I quit my job in an office and fulfilled a dream of a lifetime. I travelled for half a year to New Zealand, Australia and Canada. One of the best times in my life! And before I left I searched already for possible jobs to do after my "comeback". I wanted something more active. I am an active person, who dont want to sit in an office the whole day. It always felt like prison to me. So I joined a wonderful successteam - we are still helping each other and meeting once a month - and spoke to as many people as possible about my new plans. So one of my contacts could finally help me and now I am planning on my own business as a nutritionist together with a Institute for sports, medicine and nutrition. As I got money from the government to built up a business, there is nothing to worry about in the moment and I am very proud that I followed my heard. But this story isnt at its end, it was just the beginning... So I would love to get some help with my new obstical (next forum) Best wishes to every wishcrafter! cosmogirl
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