My Website is UP UP and Away!

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My Website is UP UP and Away!

Postby TheArtTour8 » Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:57 am

I came to the 3/18 Idea Party to talk about starting a creativity workshop, and since I have multiple things that I'm dreaming about at once, I actually started a creative services based marketing firm/service 1st. We do slogans/"taglines" and naming for just about anything you can think of. The site is (Faster Slogans). I am immensely proud and overjoyed with it, however I am biased. My rallying shout out to all other scanners and dreamers is: If you're dreaming/thinking about launching a new company/product/project, seriously do it by tonight or tomorrow morning, START! The power of the internet gives you alot of mobility, and it is amazing how fast a momentum starts building. I used to think about things, yet never or rarely did anything see the light of day, and from my current experience of now, I can't exclaim loudly enough how good it feels when something you've kept bottled up actually gets to see the light of day. It's as if a whole new life is being born, perhaps this is the reason why entreprenuers refer to their companies as their "babies." I get it now.

Here's to Everyone's Success! I wish for everyone the fulfillment of their dreams,

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Re: My Website is UP UP and Away!

Postby An8el » Mon May 10, 2010 4:20 am

Good work! It's a great start! Congrats!!!

Would you like suggestions on where to take it from here to "flesh it out" further?

I'd draw some of your slogans on the car surfaces! That way the car image of speed ties in really well with the slogans. Even if the letters are just on the windows or as a bumper sticker of the car as it disappears, it would still be a cool way to integrate it... Many race cars have slogans on them, so that would also be appropriate. A photo of a car would be better than the stock "car" pic - I suggest a photo of a car's back side with a slogan or two on the bumper's sticker or back windows of that car.

Would like to see a little gallery of examples of some of your slogans!

Search engines do not recognize flash - so put some "old -fashioned" html on the first page along with the flash intro.

Put your own story about who you are and where you're coming from on a separate bio page. At first, people only care what you can do for them - finding out why you do this particular thing for a living for your own reasons is a plus later after they get interested in knowing your story. (Interesting presentation between fast and slow, BTW. that's where the 'donation' information belongs. ) Also an indicator of what you need from people in order to do a slogan for them would be great, sort of a "job info" page.
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