December 2016 Daily Stepping

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Re: December 2016 Daily Stepping

Post by inspiresuccess »

Hi guys,

Not much to say about myself. I'm struggling with major depression. Taking it one day at a time.

Elaine, I know you're very frustrated with writing. From the inside out, it's not feeling good to you. From my view, from the outside in, you're doing way better than you think you are. Keep stepping.

Lynx. I'm thrilled you're making so much progress. At the same time, I can see that the excitement might be pushing you over that invisible line. I hope in addition to feeling happy, you will also be cautious and careful. Remember to breathe!

To the page, both of you.

Love, Inspire

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Re: December 2016 Daily Stepping

Post by Lyndon »

My first ambulance ride was surprisingly enjoyable, and I got a lift home the next day. 21st century medicine was good to me.

There had been a foreign object in my esophagus. I could breath just fine! I could talk, and walk and type, -- but not swallow -- even liquids.
After some hours of "surely it will cough out or go down ... eventually" asked nicely and a friend gave me a lift to Urgent Care (which took my insurance, but didn't have a contract with my primary care provider -- but did refer me to another site that did). This turned out to be beyond them, so came home, searched provider list on insurance site, and got a lift to emergency room. "Should I wait around?" Tim wondered. "Just go home and I'll phone for a ride after they are done." That was the right answerer!

A couple hours later they had gone through their repertoire and referred me to a hospital. Because of insurance it wasn't the hospital they shared the building with, but another 20+ miles away. A while later, it started raining, and cheerful ambulance drivers arrived, and got a smooth ride despite non-observant pedestrians and drivers unclear on the concept of "slippery when wet." Night fell. We arrived, and after I was unloaded we waited around for hospital staff to bring paperwork. "I'm patient, I had a box turtle for a pet for 26 years." "Oh! I used to keep Savanah Monitors!" the senior driver said, and we had a good time talking reptile care, while the junior driver rolled his eyes and backed off to commune with his cell phone.

More paperwork, redundant x-rays (the hospital was connected by insurance fine print, but wasn't able to pull up images from ER's computers), slow night and the morning after got trundled down to the gastroentologist, and had a subjectively quick time. Breakfast! (and found that I could stay impressively cheerful through an unplanned 46-hour fast.) And low doses of daily meds as an appetizer. And a lift home! Where my sweetheart who had worked as a nurse for years was keenly interested in technical and fellow reptile-keeper details. I had adopted the turtle from her in 1986 after she nursed it back to health.

And back to work the next day.

Played catchup the rest of the year, and had a hole in my paycheck that we managed, but haven't quite filled in.

Since I could breath fine (whew!) it always remained an "opportunity to practice patience" occasion, rather than a 911 vacation.

Far from caught up on reading, but getting there.

Just back from successful, mostly tedious hospital visit. There had been a foreign object in my esophagus. Dealt with!
Various good people, and ambulance driver kept Savannah Monitors as pets in his 50's. I may do a trip report later, or might not.

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