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Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:41 am
by inspiresuccess
Elaine Glimme wrote:13,000 words so far.
Yay! :D

13,000 words

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:48 pm
by Lynx
Yes, YAY for the 13K and keep going.

And it's great your new hip, Elaine, is doing what you are asking it to do, let you life the life you want.

Ah, nature,
moth or termite,
now we want it,
now we don't.

Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:18 am
by Elaine Glimme
22,000 words.

On a more discouraging note: I thought I was being careful. But I carried heavy things and used a chain saw and weedeater and my hip hurts - the one I've been so happy with. Not a lot. Not enough that I would go back to the surgeon and say "fix it." But enough that I'm questioning the wisdom of doing any of those things again. I probably will anyway, and I'll just be more carefull. I might just call the surgeon's office and ask them what 's going on.

Before my hip started hurting again, I was thinking about the exercises in Barbara Sher's books, and I decided that I'm living close to a perfect day. I'm writing for a couple of hours then working in the garden for a couple of hours and visiting, doing chores and goofing around with solitaire and TV. The big challenge in all this is to make sure that I'm out and about meeting people. If I don't get together with someone each day, it's really depressing. And, fond as I am of my Internet friends, I need to be with people in person as well.

I like the poem, Lynx.

Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:20 pm
by Elaine Glimme
A couple of slow days.

Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:16 pm
by Elaine Glimme
25,000 words.


PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:51 am
by Lynx

Elaine, about your perfect day routine, yes, that's the way to live. There's a philosopher I've been searching for, even asked on philosophy sites who wrote on the topics and got nothing, that I stumbled upon just in the last few days. What Barbara/you describe he calls attractive labor. Mostly voluntary, and little of this, then a little of that.

Not much written about him since maybe the 1970s, does have an entry on Wikipedia, thank you volunteers for that. Charles Fourier, by name.

Then there's a writer who I hadn't heard of either until last week, Guy Davenport, that uses CF's ideas in his essays and short stories!

Got their books which are sitting happily by my side awaiting my attentions.

Been on internet-silence for a few days as I managed to surf my mega project's mega-day. And ... it came off pretty well. Even feeling some thaw from the team members generously offering me the hardest times.

First time working with an interpreter (Spanish) over a long period (probably close to 2 hours). Various crises arose prior to our starting and those we handled (enough for me to let go of further tracking). Working with my assistant yesterday to get the materials back out to folks.

Asst asked: are they paying enough for you to have an assistant? Well, I guess my truer answer than the one I said is, am I smart enough to know I'd go truly mad without one? And she is really excellent at anticipating my next need and getting right on it without asking. It's like you are pulling things out of the oven for a meal, so the next step is plating, so anyone in the kitchen can get the plates ready and lined up, without being told or being asked. Intuitive participation and anticipation. Ah, I so miss this. Not a feeling one gets working alone.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I get my work out the door, and I don't talk myself out of it—to the Korean spa!


Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:25 am
by Elaine Glimme
Good wishes, Lynx. I hope your audience appreciates what you do. And let me know about the Korean spa. I googled it, and decided it's not for me. But ???


PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:33 pm
by Lynx

Yes, to the Korean spa on Thurs. Much improved. I heard the other owners had let it go downhill, so the new ones injected improvements, remodeled some rooms (the 60° room is all sleek white tiles. Before you could see the freezing piping and I guess some jokers probably dared each other to stick their tongues ...) a door and wall were gone, a several TV were ... taken out! Much more meditative experience.

Here's what I did: the warm calm pool, the jacuzzi pool, briefest dips in the cold pool, the steam sauna (brief), dry sauna (longer), charcoal room (150°), Salt Rocks Room (±145°) Jade Room (135°), clay room (140°), and the Cool Room (60°). The pools and saunas are separated by gender, so it's clothes off, and the other rooms are co-ed and you get a baggy t-shirt and shorts to put on.

Then another full round with shorter visits to the pools and rooms.

Twice I napped in the rest areas.

I don't bother with their massages. If I want a massage, I catch an early one at the massage school and then go to the spa.

The dining area was just opening up, but we had a snack beforehand and later at out at a ... Korean restaurant.

At $30 for an unlimited stay (we stayed 4 hrs) its great. On one's birthday the b'day person is free. Plus they have occasional promotions like a 10-tix deal for $200, plus tax vs $30 w/o tax. So, 10 x 30 = 300 vs 220 for the coupon book, saving $80, or 26.6%.

Thinking about it ...

Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:37 pm
by Elaine Glimme
33.000 words.

Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:12 pm
by Elaine Glimme
Re Korean spa - Is the salt room the one where the rub your skin to exfoliate it? And does it hurt? Do you get to choose which rooms you use?

Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:57 pm
by Elaine Glimme
43,000 words.

4.25 salt room

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:55 pm
by Lynx

Elaine, The massage is optional. And they offer different types at various lengths of time (30 minutes, 1 hour, etc).

I don't ever get one at the spa.

All the rooms are simply that. You can visit or avoid any or all of them. No restrictions, no lists, no waiting, etc. They put an hourglass time in each that runs about 5 minutes so you can pace your exposure.

Weekdays working hours it's virtually empty and we had most of the rooms to ourselves, alone.

Still mulling over the 'deal' package.

Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:27 am
by Elaine Glimme
SOunds as if you had a great time at the spa. How's Open Spac coming?

Me - I'm sick. Not sure where i got the bug. But at least I don't have anything planned that will get messed up. I haven't been writing for the last couple of days, and it's hard to get back into the groove.

Have a groovy day. :lol:


PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:17 pm
by Lynx
Hi Folks,

Elaine, get better and well soon!

Re: Open Space, I'm sensing I might be "taken out of the game." Not sure if I'll have authority left after our conference call Wednesday to keep this idea going as the project's lead has been eager to spin out in a different direction without my involvement.


Requires great diplomacy etc on my part. This is what I most meditate on. Its like prepping for a Grandmaster chess game ... if their open in this, I'll do that, but if they go this route, I'll shift to this response ...

I took a few days to just unwind. Traveled to Portland with my partner to watch her give a poetry reading. Went very well. Plus gentle times with friends was also just what I needed. Except, at a cool restaurant with high bar chairs I managed to kick my chair over twice with the result that I put two rips in my rain coat! It was a design with a very low foot rest and I'm used to rests being a few inches higher. The back of my shoes clipped that low bar.

Just sealed it today and put black jean patches over the inner lining that I had to cut through to apply the sealant. Cloth Surgeon. Not board certified.

So tomorrow I'll start my visits to the clothing exchanges and thrifts to see about a replacement for under $40.

A fresh client is surfacing now and I'm looking forward to shifting my focus their needs.

Books piling up as threads and mentions and chance encounters keep em flowing in.

Tomorrow, a look at the email response to my attempt to be clearer on what's going on with this project.
Some research on a personal project.
Return some books to the library.
Possible give away some things.
Maybe order toner cartridges.

Re: toner. It's interesting. I think I can manage refilling our cartridges myself; my partner disagrees, thinks we should just keep getting the after market ones (which are incredible inexpensive for our make/model). I'm feeling I might do both, and refill the things away from the apartment at a tinker/repair community workshop.


Re: April 2018 Daily Stepping

PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:44 am
by Elaine Glimme

Camp Nanowrimo was great. Got my 50,000 words yesterday. I talked up Barbara's boards to my internet camp cabin mates.

I'm trying to talk myself into calling my doctor. i should have called last week and didn't.