good haunting by an ally

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good haunting by an ally

Postby Violin » Thu Mar 16, 2000 11:25 pm

My Success Team is working through "Live the Life You Love". Last week as I read chapter 2 on gathering allies, I thought, "I don't have any allies like this, but I'll do the exercises to show support for the team." I reminded myself Barbara says on this BBS that if we do all 10 chapters in this book, at the end we'll know what work we want. So I put on my analyzer hat too, telling myself it's part of a big experiment. Honestly, I was skeptical about the value of listing allies as she suggests. I wrote down some allies on a card, and low and behold, they had a lot to say to me! Mozart has been nagging me constantly to get a piano ever since. Okay, now for the haunting. The other morning I was crying over my broken leg (story posted elsewhere on this bbs) and how long it's taking to recover; I was reliving the accident, hearing the sirens, seeing the hospital ceiling from the gurney - you know. Then I thought of my ALLIES. What would they tell me right now? In that moment a new ally came to me with no preface: Anne Frank. I sobbed to her about my pain, my being crippled, my inadequacies, fear I'll never recover all the way and my stupid guilt for giving in to those emotions when I have far more to be grateful for than to complain about. Yes, I know leaning in to fear is the fastest way through it. She reminded me. "You can do this", she said. That was it, I got it. Thanks Anne. But wait, there's more! The next day I was at the library for my SCORE appointment. Afterwards I had to make copies of last year's tax return for my business insurance, and I was grumbling about that. I stepped up to the copy machine, lifted the lid, placed my paper on the glass, then looked up. And whose poster do you think is over the copy machine - bearing a sweet, wise, young face. "You're still just a girl like me", she smiled. "You can do what ever it takes. I believe in you."
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Postby BarbaraSher » Thu Mar 16, 2000 11:30 pm

Ah, what a great post, Violin. Thanks for telling it to us. [This message has been edited by BarbaraSher (edited March 17, 2000).]
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