Opportunity to Produce Video

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Opportunity to Produce Video

Postby abschwar » Sun May 28, 2000 3:04 pm

<FONT FACE="ARIAL" COLOR=GREEN>I've just had an opportunity fall in my lap to write, direct and produce a video. I was all set to do an unpaid summer internship at a documentary production house in Indianapolis--a job I didn't really want b/c of all the commuting--when I was chatting with the advisor at the School of Telecommunications where I've been taking video production courses for the past year and a half. She casually mentioned that someone needed a video made, and so I got the information. Turns out that the director of the Adaptive Technology Center at the university here needs a video for their Web site. This is a resource center for students with any kind of disability. I met with the director and we hit it off immediately. The whole project will be my baby. No pay, but no deadline either, so I'll have the time to do it right. I never would've heard about this opportunity if the advisor hadn't had tendonitis and had to go to the AT center to get a special mousepad, and if I hadn't dropped in on her to schmooze. It never ceases to amaze me that when I'm following my bliss, opportunties come my way--effortlessly. Adam ------------------
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Postby Transitionalgirl » Sun May 28, 2000 3:09 pm

Wonderful Adam - good for you. So true about following your bliss. A similar thing happened to me when I was suffering from neck pain - got asked to write a guest column for a newsletter about it, and that was real turning point for me. A tiny part of me started to believe I was who I was pretending to be Image Keep us posted on how the video goes - sounds like a great project.
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Postby Bonny Lass » Tue May 30, 2000 7:56 am

Adam I'm so pleased for you! What a wonderful opportunity. You are so right about everything falling into place when we do what we are meant for. ------------------ luvvies Bonny Lassie
Bonny Lass
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Postby DebraG » Wed May 31, 2000 10:02 am

There is nothing like those little "spots" or bits of synchronicity that happen to us when we are doing what we should, eh? Congratulations on this video!! I am teaching needlework again, and very excited about it. Will I get rich? HECK NO. But it is something that is so intrinsically "ME" that even though I get paid in materials only, it is something that I must do, and this teaching job literally fell in my lap. Just relating, I guess, to the synchronicity thing... and how fun that you got to schmooze in the process. Image Debra
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Postby gail » Fri Jun 02, 2000 8:03 pm

I applaud your risk-taking and having the courage to follow through, talk to the appropriate people, and move toward your dream. Sometimes we have to move out of our comfortable boxes to get to where we want to be. Best of luck Adam, gail
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