Mom's Success

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Mom's Success

Postby ElizabethK » Thu Jun 22, 2000 12:05 pm

This success is not mine, it's my mom's, but I am so thrilled for her that I have to put it here. She went back to school to get her RN (registered nurse) degree and just passed her test today and is now entering into the clinical phase of her schooling. She will work in the hospital along with lectures for the next 12 months and graduate next June. I try and offer as much encouragement as I can, and she still insists that she is "not as smart as my kids, can't remember the material," etc. If anyone has any ideas how to be a supportive daughter, please feel free to share. Also, if you have your own words of encouragement for her, feel free to post those too, and I will pass them along. Ok, I'm done crowing for my mom. Yeah, mom!
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Postby pindok » Fri Jun 23, 2000 10:39 pm

my mom returned to college at 40 to go to nursing school. i was thrilled when she started. she was a great nurse. she only got to work for six yrs. before severe arthritis ended her career. i'm so glad she had those six years, and that she'd jumped in fully to her job. would it help to remind her that it's really inspiring to see someone going after what they really want? would it help if she knew it's even more inspiring when a parent who encouraged you to do what you loved walkts her own talk? congrats and support to your mom! special congrats to you for being so supportive as she pursues her dream!!
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Postby Renee » Sat Jun 24, 2000 5:25 am

Good for your mom! Doesn't she feel like she's been through the hard part already, though? Clinicals aren't easy, but neither is the classwork that comes before it. Have her think about how many (younger) people have washed out of the program already--that should help her realize that if she really were slow and "stupid," she'd be gone by now, too. If she still has lots of memorization and notetaking to do, you might offer to type her notes for her (much easier to read when studying) or read them into a tape recorder so she can listen to her dear daughter's voice and study in the car! When I was in school (at age 41) I taped my notes and found that listening to things I had to learn really helped me learn them faster. Plus it used 'wasted' time, like driving time, and converted it into study time. When your mom graduates, post a picture of her in her graduation gown/uniform!
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