Camp Fire Days: You can go back to camp

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Camp Fire Days: You can go back to camp

Postby Brian S » Mon Jul 24, 2000 5:21 pm

Calling all campers I was listening to NPR yesterday and they had this incredible piece about summer camps, the sleep over kind. I was a Camp Kid from way back and it got me longing for my camp fire days. They say those days are precious but long gone but, well, it got me thinking. "I am so good at doing these improv comedy workshops to college kids, how about going back to camp and teaching them and putting on a show?" This was early evening. So I have these ideas in my head, while I was online later that night and my Brother Jordan Instant messages me. I quickly blurt out, that I was thinking of teaching improv at camp and he freaked. "That is a great idea. Call Willie the camp director. Here is his number. Call now and write me back," he said. So I call and Willie is in a meeting but I leave a message to have him call me at work the next day and he does. I tell him the deal and he likes the idea. We talk dates and times and he goes for it but has to get back to me with the OK from the Head Dude. I am really excited. I may get to go back to camp, teach an incredible fun workshop which I love to do and the Opus is that I will Host an improv performance in for the whole camp about 200 people, my biggest live audience to date. I get back from the lunch and there is a note in my box from Willie. It is a go for this Sunday!!!!! I am thrilled. On a real high. I have not been this excited in a long while. What an incredible happening. This all transpired in less than one day. But there is more. I have been planning this bike trek for about a month and something did not totally fit. I was not sure what, but I needed something else in the picture to make the whole thing magical. My brother Jordan suggested that I try to get a job at camp for next summer. And then it hit me. Wow!!!!! What a great idea. I have always thought for a while that had these weird skills. I know how to juggle, perform and teach improv comedy, like to garden, take month on end distance hikes and outdoor recreation, was a professional tie dye artist, was into web site design and creating animated cartoons, enjoyed public speaking, painted and displayed art in coffee houses, produced cooking shows, taught NLP workshops, love the music of the grateful dead, and too many thing to mention. Although I like even love all of those things, they did not seem to add up to something or fit anywhere, at least not in the real world. I always felt that I was all over the map. But then I thought about Camp. All of my random skills would be perfect as camp activities. I could teach Tie Dye, or gardening or web site design and teach and create fun animated cartoons to the kids, put on Improv shows that will be remembered for years and perhaps become running jokes for that year within the camp and for years to come. All of my skills seemed to have a place at camp. Of course the Bike trek still intrigues me. I told my brother about the trek. Actually, he was the only person besides this forum who I told. And he said do both. Wow again!!!! The deal is that I would not have to be at camp till the end of June and my school will end April 30. That will give me 7 weeks to bike trek before I would have to be at camp. 7 month bike trek followed by a 7 months much longed for back to camp summer. And then who knows but for now I am in love with this dream and the whole darn idea of it all. It is a great feeling. I have not asked to for the job yet and need to figure a whole bunch to pull this all off but I am really excited for Sunday and how this all seemed to falls into place. LOve Brian S Burlington, Vermont
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