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Questions? New User? Read this first

Postby merk » Mon Apr 18, 2005 11:08 pm

NEW USER If you are brand new to these boards, you will be unable to start a new topic until you have replied at least once to an existing topic. This is done to prevent new users from registering just to post spam. You can find a thread in the general forum where you can reply to make a brief introduction and then you'll automatically be able to start a new topic. SPAM No SPAM, no selling stuff, no offers for joining pyramid schemes. Posters will be banned if they post such threads. FORMATTING POSTS revised 4/26/06 - Author Tituba MAKE THE READING EASIER Break your thoughts up with returns. Too many people write long blocks of text. It is hard to read, and people tend to skip those posts. If you type something in Word and then copy it to a post, it tends to drop one of the returns. Put in a double return in Word and then copy and paste and you’ll be all set. Try to be brief. There are hundreds of posts and the brief ones tend to get more responses. You might want to type out your post on your computer first and then boil it down when you do post. Don’t type in ALL CAPS! It is hard to read and considered screaming. There is a spell check function. You will find the button at the bottom of the post. QUOTING This is how to quote a prior post in your thread: Highlight the section you want to quote. Hit Ctrl C on your keyboard. Go to the section in your thread. Hit the Quote button. Then hit CTRL V on your keyboard. Hit the Quote button again. HOW TO LINK TO ANOTHER POST ON BOARD Minimize the post you are typing Open another browser and open the post you want to quote With your mouse, highlight the Address line in the browser Hit CTRL C on your keyboard Open the post you are typing Hit CTRL V to paste the link BOLD, ITALIC, COLOR ETC If you want to Bold, Italic, etc., you hit the button in the toolbar first, type the text and then hit the button again. Sometimes you’ll want to direct the reader to another link or website. Sometimes the URL will be very long. Here is how to shorten it: All you have to do is highlight the address Hit Ctrl C Go to Put your mouse in the white block Hit Ctrl V then click the button \"make tiny url\" Above the box will appear a link that will take you to the same place but is more manageable. HOW TO PRINT A THREAD If you want to print a thread: Open the thread click on the printer icon (you'll find it right next to the icon \"post reply\" at the top of the screen) In the Select Pages 1 thru box put page 100 so you'll get all the pages. POST IN THE RIGHT FORUM! YES! I’M SCREAMING! Please read the description of the forums before you post! The “Wishes and Obstacle” forum is really the heart of the board. If you can boil down to your post to Wish: to become a published author. Obstacle: no training, no contacts etc. That will give our wonderful board members a clear idea of how to help you. Don’t post the same thread in multiple forums! SEARCHING FOR TOPICS Use the Search function! Most subjects have been covered at length, so there is no need to re-invent the wheel. If you find some old thread that you want to post a reply to, please start it with something like “posting to this old valuable thread.” That way people won’t think it is a new post. Many times people bump threads that were started four years ago and the author is long gone. When you want to reply to a post, just click the Reply button. No need to post a new thread. After you post, you can click the Edit button to change your wording. However, once someone has responded to the thread, you cannot delete your post. You can, however, edit it and delete the text. PRINTING A THREAD Open the thread you want to print Click on the printer icon (next to the button “post reply”) In the “select messages” box, change the ending page to 999 if you want entire thread Click the word SHOW Then click Print AVATARS First you need to upload the avatar you want to your own personal website Make sure the avatar is no bigger than 100 x 100 pixels Go to the board and click Profile At the bottom of the screen put the URL to this avatar in the “link to offsite” area Click SUBMIT
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Postby Tituba » Sat Jul 08, 2006 2:20 pm

Cool search technique from AVATC. Thanks! Go to and in the search box type and then the word you want to search. Example: If you want threads about inertia inertia
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