New Success Team has first Idea Party - Rochester New York

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New Success Team has first Idea Party - Rochester New York

Postby coachforsuccess » Sun Sep 17, 2006 6:40 pm

Our newest Success Team had an Idea Party on September 7th with over 40 people in attendance! We held it in a nearby church hall, everyone brought a snack to share and something to contribute to our local food shelter. We had the five members of the team share their wish/obstacles; what they've accomplished the past six weeks and what they now need. We were able to help a member get information on selling her house (what needs to be fixed, what doesn't). One member got ideas on how to exercise 30 min. a day in a program that was fun, inexpensive and easy to do after a long day. Another member got some great connections on getting her book published within the next year with ideas around types of publishing, agencies and grants. One member made several connections with people who had contact in Colorado and/or quilting as she planned a trip next year for a symposium. Another member wanted to build a skateboard park in the area and brought some young people to share their ideas. We even had the deputy mayor of the town there to listen to what people said! We were able to help two guests achieve their goals and to give some inspiration to a group trying to save a historic building. Everyone left feeling that they had contributed to someone's goals and the team was exhilarated and ready to take the ideas and connections and take action on them. Over the past couple of weeks, I've received many emails with comments from those who attended saying that they loved the process, felt that they helped someone by their ideas, felt that they were listened to and overall now had some tools they could take back with them and use when they had something to achieve. The connections keep growing. It's amazing to me and to the team that our conversations all seem to continue to help gain what is needed to overcome the obstacles so we could get our wish. Ann Marie Walker Rochester Success Team Leader
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