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Postby BarbaraSher » Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:19 am

I could not have asked for, or imagined, a better experience. The retreat exceeded my expectations. I learned so much about myself, gained confidence in myself, and found a close group of people who think like I do! I was amazed how true the statement “I found my tribe” felt. Everyone I talked with had such similar experiences. Barbara is a master at bringing together scanners…and keeping them to task…no easy feat! She has an amazing ability to really see inside each person and bring out their very best. Self-discovery, while not always easy, was deftly supported and handled with amazing agility and tact. Even the most difficult of moments were also shining moments of enlightenment.   Stacie S Attending Barbara Sher’s Scanners Conference in Fall 2007 in Puglia, Italy was the best gift I have ever given myself. The opportunity to work with Barbara and the support team she helped us create allowed me to define and refine (and continually refine…) my wishes and dreams for the next phase(s) of my life. The exercises that Barbara has developed and her ability to solicit and read each person’s desires, obstacles and resistances helped all of us begin to take positive steps towards reaching our goals. Barbara’s skills also lie in creating a supportive structure in which one is comfortable asking for the support that they need to be successful. I fully believe that her theory “Isolation is the dream killer” clearly demonstrated that we each need help to succeed and that with her methods, we can create that supportive team that will cheer us on in our quest. The conference helped me gain insights that are not only valuable now as I take the first steps but will continually help me in the years ahead as I change and grow. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to live an authentic life. And besides, Barbara is a lot of fun to be around…..jokes, songs and no BS!! Micki Barbara, I have attended 40 years worth of seminars, conferences and workshops. This is the ony retreat where I genuinely laughed, cried and left transformed. Identifying my goals, refining the steps were fantastic. But accepting that I can’t do it all and need help to reach my goals was one of greatest revelations! You are a joy! Your specific ability to hear beyond our words and see behind our faces is phenomenal. I’m happy to now join the many people who have been loved and touched by you. Blessings, Flora ……………………………………………. Date: October 20, 2007 7:54:25 PM GMT-04:00 Subject: A big heartfelt thanks. I keep trying to sit down and write you, but then stop and just figured out why. Two reasons. 1. There aren't enough words to share with you how much your work and this retreat changed my life and 2. By writing the testimonial, I am acknowledging that it is really in the past now -and time to move forward :). But, with limited words, I will do my best to express my feelings. The most life changing thing about this trip for me is that I felt fully accepted for who I was as a scanner - and beyond that PROUD! After reading RTC I felt UNDERSTOOD, but adding acceptance and pride in that was an entire new feeling. Being around people who supported my ideas instead of competed with them was entirely new to me. You would think that in my life I would have figured this out! But I hadn't - the thought of other people being competitive with me didn't make sense, since I wasn't competing with them. Now it does. The major adjustment to coming home has been looking at my relationships and acknowledging that there are many that just don't make me feel accepted unless I change - and that is tough information to digest, but I know I am on the right track. That said, your work with me was nothing short of miraculous. I have been in and out of therapy for years, - career coaching, divorce therapy, family therapy - and NEVER once did the issues come up that you identified so quickly. I really couldn't believe it and it is still sinking in. What I love is that you didn't tell me why I needed to be on the path I am on, you somehow pulled it out of me. I have a hard time explaining this to other people, but you are amazingly gifted at pulling things out of people that they are unaware of. When I signed up for the conference, I had my doubts that any type of career goal would actually materialize. I have been such a rapid cycling scanner that I thought any career would leave me feeling stifled - before I even started it! All my concerns about my kids, being a single mom and a scanner were circling my head as I boarded the plane and then boom! When I got there, my insides sort of popped out. I recognized how many times I cycle back to working with kids because it's my passion - and suddenly, having a life design that fit this in, where I could use my talents, be a scanner and raise my kids seemed possible. This is what I can't thank you enough for. The group too, yes, but you. You saw me somehow - like nobody else has ever seen me. I didn't even know you! and you know what? It felt really really good, to be seen like that. I think this is what soo many of us wish we had from our parents early in life - to be seen and appreciated for what you are and have to offer, and I think that is why this felt so fulfilling to me. So thank you for that, and giving me the ability to use that as a mirror to look at my own gifts differently, to see that perhaps I was using the wrong mirrors to look at myself, and maybe I won't need mirrors anymore. :) I hope this gives you a sense of how I's a little sappy, but I can't change it. I hope anyone who EVER considers doing this, does. It was worth every penny - priceless for me. Take care Barbara and I am sooo glad you are who you are! Priscilla ……………………. Date: October 21, 2007   I am still pinching myself over the whole experience and the results from the 2007 Pugia, Italy Scanner Retreat. I can't thank you and Matt enough for arranging this amazing retreat and for the excellent choice in location. They both exceeded my expectations. The Masseria outside of Ostuni was a perfect backdrop, not too rustic and not too fancy. I haven't felt as energized and healthy in years.  Could it have been the lack of pollution, the type of food, the outdoor sessions, the long walks through the peaceful olive trees, or the collective energy and enthusiasm from the group of fellow Scanners?  Whatever it was, it was a magical and powerful combination.    The exercises that you had us work on with the constant prodding and idea sharing of the group helped me to resolve four stalled areas in my life that I was unable to accomplish on my own. Barbara, you are truly masterful at what you do. and I feel so privileged to not only have been able to witness this gift of yours, but to be able to participate in it. From our opening session, where you created an atmosphere of trust and bonding amongst the group to the tearful goodbyes that were shared as we parted, it was simply wonderful.  I am enjoying the post-retreat friendships of my fellow Scanners - they are awesome. I am so glad that I took the risk and came. This is one retreat that just keeps on giving!    With love and admiration, Barb T. …. \"I'm so glad I chose to attend this retreat. I learned so much more about being a scanner beyond what was in the book. For once, I have a real sense of my own Identity thanks to Barbar Sher for her insightful teachings and to the other participants, my fellow scanners, who were so good at magnifying this learning for me. I left thankful I took a risk to to go on this retreat. I'd go back in a minute!!\" -- Brian M., Victoria, B.C., Canada
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