Old Dog Learns New Tricks in LA

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Old Dog Learns New Tricks in LA

Postby Miss Jane » Wed Jan 16, 2008 11:24 pm

I know that doesn't sound very complementary but this old dog thought life couldn't get much better than being Barbara's Registered Success Team Leader for Los Angeles. But it did! The best thing about Barbara's Message is her persistant encouragement to Do Everything That We Love. Through her wonderfully deep discovery process laid out in the Official Success Team 8 Week Workshop that I initially facilitated/participated in (in 2003), I ended up with a list of ALL of the things that I love. I actually printed it in a column and inserted that list into the spine of my Success Teams Workbook (which I always encourage Team Members to do). It sits on a shelf above my desk for inspiration. I've been happily chipping away and dipping in and out of doing all of the things on my list. Remember, Barbara's message is that it isn't an option. If we love it...then we're probably good at it....and we'd better luxuriate in it joyfully and share our natural talent with others! Prominent on my list were all things having to do with Interior Design. There is a new niche market called Interior ReDesign and it is another fit for me. Last year I added that Certification to my repretoire and started ReDesign LA! I go into people's homes and using what they have, RePosition furnishings, ReHang artwork and ReArrange accessories to give their dwelling the Designer Flair....without their needing to buy new! I like to call it an Environmentally Respectful Design Alternative. And it didn't stop there. A third business, an Image Consulting Firm has also been created to help folks create their best Personal/Professional image for Themselves, their Home/Office or their Event. I now have Success Teams LA!, ReDesign LA! and Lookin' Good LA! In effect, I get to Help all sorts of People "Do What They Love! Love Where They Live! and Look Good Doing It!" Thanks to Barbara for the Inspiration, Guidance and Joyful Nudging so readily shared with all. I will gratefully keep passing it along to other Dreamers through Success Teams here in LA! Jane Meade PS. I'm sure not alone.....Other LA Success Team Grads have Published Books, Written Stories included in" Chicken Soup for the African American Woman's Soul", Created and sold Hand-Crafted Dolls, Gotten Married, Moved out of the Country...and came back 3 years later in a better position to establish Citizenship, Changed Jobs, Invested in Real Estate, provided Venture Capital to a Filmmaker, Taught in an After School Science Program for Children, Danced more, Sang in Public, Explored "Green Roof" building, Taught Belly Dancing, Created Floral Designs for a friends Wedding, etc...and the Dreams and Success's just keep on coming! PPS. I need to tell you too about the delightful Team Member who through the introspection of the Success Team Workshop realized that she already has a very full and rewarding life as it is. She's stopped searching for something "more" and now has much greater joy and appreciation of" what is". She gave herself permission to enjoy her current life at increasingly higher levels. That too is Success!
Jane Meade
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