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Postby DebraG » Thu Oct 19, 2000 7:02 am

Barbara, sorry you\'re sick with the flu. No matter where one is, we can\'t escape. Bummer. This is a very \"odd\" sort of idea, but I felt compelled to put it out there to you (apologies for putting it in your diary, but this is the one that\'s getting the activity). There is a \"chatting\" package out there called ICQ. I am on it every day and I can\'t even begin to count the amount of Turkish people that ring me up to say hello and talk. You can make the \"details\" of your profile say whatever you want to say or point to a homepage (the kilimwomen page?), etc. It\'s a pretty versatile thing, and super simple to download and setup. I know it seems bizarre, but there are oodles of people in Turkey that might want to help; they have computers, obviously because they are talking to me, so I thought I would toss that out to you. Just another thought... Debra
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Postby Arsinoe » Thu Oct 19, 2000 9:20 am

ICQ is a powerful tool for staying in touch with people. I use it to keep in touch with a network of far-flung friends.
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