To All Parents of Young Children

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Re: To All Parents of Young Children

Postby erikacleve » Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:12 am

Thanks for these great ideas! I LOVE the idea of saving voices. I am big on the idea of collecting my kids memories-we have boxes of their art and writing already and they are only 7 and 10. Before each of them were born, my husband and I wrote in a book about our anticipation of their birth and I have kept a book for each of them in which I record milestones, observations etc. But I have to say I used to be better at adding to it. Now I try to get to it at least on their birthdays. I have also created a lot of art about them For my daughter I made several bellies when I was pregnant with her and then created art out of them. I had also made a handmade paper book that is now bound in a silk Japanese obi type book that can also be worn on the belly and then I went through and collected the themes from this book (I had written and drawn for each day of the pregnancy) and collecting themes from this, I made handmade paper bellies that had the words written on them in a spiral pattern starting from the belly button. For my son, I made a piece about his art. One March when he was four, he was so prolific in his art that I collected these drawings, copied them also in a spiral pattern onto a large handmade paper, documenting in roman numerals which day the drawing had been created on. It look from the distance like some sort of ancient document with hieroglyphics because you know art at that age is all circles, radials and similar shapes. He loved it but unfortunately now his grandparents have it and they took it to Canada! More later. I think it is so valuable to collect the creations, ideas and outpourings from our kids. They are such a wonderful resource. I have to stop-I am off to see my daughter in a play at her camp-she has a lot of lines! But I can't believe I forgot my camera today. So I don't always take my own advice!!
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Re: To All Parents of Young Children

Postby turqexpression » Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:59 pm

When I read that section in Wishcraft, I immediately began forcing myself to remember me at 5. Life and experiences have taught me all too well how to block out the past. I was sitting in my mother's house looking at a picture I had drawn at 6 and remembered! I wanted to decorate the world before I knew what a decorator was. I would cut pictures of home furnishings and accents from JcPenney catalogs and design rooms out of shoe boxes. I immediately asked my children what they wanted to do when they grew up (now ages 6 and 8). Now, I'm writing down and encouraging every idea in a journal marked Dreams for each of them. In developing their ideas, I'm revealing many of my own. This wasn't meant to be profoundly helpful, just thought I'd share.
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Re: To All Parents of Young Children

Postby Unique Journalist » Wed Oct 14, 2009 12:52 pm

Man, you got me thinking about those JCPenney catalogs!! :lol: I used to look through those as a kid and dream about what my future house would look like. I still remember poring over wall sconces and bathroom fixtures.
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Re: To All Parents of Young Children

Postby velvet » Thu May 26, 2011 12:10 pm

It seems like part of the assignment to think back to your childhood is to remember it for yourself.
Family members might have an interesting perspective and might remember things from a different angle, but ultimately, that's just a different person's perspective. Certainly it's lovely to pay attention to those who love you and remember your childhood, and to use whatever feedback others give you. You might hear some surprising things about yourself that are useful.
I am reminded of the saying that a butterfly must push its way out of the cocoon on its own to be able to survive. Part of thinking back to your childhood is, to me, that pushing out of the cocoon and doing the work for yourself. Just an idea.
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Re: To All Parents of Young Children

Postby Elaine Glimme » Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:26 pm

I think your idea is a great one - writing down things important to children when they were young.

Some may be hugely significant, some may unimportant, and some may give you and your children a good chuckle later on. "Remember when you used to sleep in your cowboy boots?" etc. Not every memory is a million dollar gem, but some of them could be. You can't know unless you try. That's why photo albums have so much charm.
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