Success Team - Toronto, Ontario

Find each other here and set up your own informal Success Teams. Registered leaders will visit and can be asked questions.

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Success Team - Toronto, Ontario

Postby redplaidpurpleplaid » Mon Aug 22, 2011 11:35 am


I've re-launched my Meetup group; we had a Success Team going strong for 4 months last year (4-7 people in attendance regularly) which due to several members' personal circumstances stopped meeting.

I was chatting with a former member (a number of us have stayed friends) when I realized how much I miss it, and decided to start up meetings again.

We haven't decided yet whether we want to proceed in sequence through the exercises in Wishcraft like we did last time, but we definitely use the Wish/Obstacle format, brainstorming, emotional support for career or life goals. We meet every Tuesday night at 6:30pm.

For more information please go to

Looking forward to meeting and supporting you,
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