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Love your work

Post by Alimour »

Hello A friend of mine recommended your book; I bought it yesterday and finished it today. I cried on about page 3 because it was like you wrote this book for me.

On Friday I finished trading in my (2nd) cafe, and have been berating myself for giving up a great little business, where I worked school hours with good money, and regular loyal clientele. But I hated it and felt so trapped!

Prior to the cafe I worked (in chronological order) as a Business Analyst, call centre operator, business manager, Language teacher, office administrator, waitress..I have taught English in Prague and Santiago..I have studied 9 languages and speak 2 reasonably fluently..I studied voice for 10 years, and opera for 2 years at a Conservatorium..I am now studying a music adult education course and will start a Diploma of Education this semester, and want to do a Masters in Acoustic Phonetics next year...

And all this time I have been telling myself that I am a failure because I can't stick with one career and have watched other (less intelligent or talented) people do well financially and professionally.

Thanks with all my heart for your book because it has switched a light on that I am not actually a failure, and that all these exciting experiences do actually add up to something meaningful. It has given me encouragement to set up the 2 mail-order businesses I have been thinking about, to help finance the studies and travel that I want to do in the future. Thank you again. :D

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Re: Love your work

Post by BarbaraSher »

This was written in 2006 and now it's days away from 2014. I'm still hearing from smart, capable Scanners like Allmour who thought there was something wrong with them. What stands out in this list of different things she wrote up are all the 'jobs' that required leadership work. Where were the people who should have seen that she ('you,' Allmour, if you're still here) was a natural business owner, one who could do the hard, strategic work it takes to start a business and had the energy to make (apparently) all of these work -- who would naturally get bored the minute they were humming along, not offering any creative challenges?

I wish I could find Allmour and see what she's done since she found out she's 'okay?'

I put quotation marks on the last word of the previous sentence because she, like almost all the Scanners I encounter, are not only 'okay,' they're remarkable, capable, talented and well above average in intelligence. I hope life gave her some good opportunities to use those attributes. One thing about a Scanner: they don't need much to turn it into something better.

I've been focusing on other issues for a few years but I realize I have to keep making noise to wake the world up to Scanners. The world loses so much when it teaches these talented people that they're not 'okay.'

I hope everyone who understands what a Scanner really is, will remember to keep making noise about it whenever the opportunity arises so the clueless part of the world will at least get curious about who they are and what they're capable of. Maybe more of the world, not understanding what Scanners are up to, will start giving their odd ways the benefit of the doubt and pay them the respect that they deserve.

Bravo, Allmour. How I'd love to know what has gone on in your life since you wrote this 8 years ago.

I wonder if I might assemble enough answers from Scanners to create a super-cheap eBook to wave under people's virtual noses: "They Refused to Choose: What Happened to Some Multi-Talented People After they Discovered They Were 'Okay'"

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