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Organized scanner

Postby sapho » Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:04 pm

just wanted to discuss what a strange diving unfortunate scanner am I. Hope someone will share his similar or not stories with me. I've finished reading the book not so long ago and have found I'm very like unfortunate diver or very unsuccessful scanner, not sure what's more accurate for me. Among scanners, I'm very like a cyclical scanner. But I don't have numerous hobbies like a Sybil, just about 20 (tried to count everything I liked to do from the "very beginning) and I'm not so clever to be a plate spinner. Well, the most pain for me is that I'm not so smart as Barbara depicted all scanners... I used to have mostly B's (less than a half of A's) in school and even worse at the University. I was never brilliant, especially in subjects I tried to succeed most of time (different kind of "maths").

Well, I was good enough in comparison with an average person but never so good as to make it my professional.

For me, my worst problem that I don't have "ideas" or "plans", nothing like that, no genius flying machines, no "how to save the planet"... I like to learn languages (it's very difficult to write a plan for a cyclical scanner for learning a language...), I like working with data (yes... that's abstract... and I'm not smart enough to become a true data scientist... ). I could just fall in love with the term "big data" and learn everything connected with it, but I never learn enough to work in that direction.

BTW, I didn't have to learn how to organize things or how to plan as I'm very good at organizing and I had all my books for "projects" (language books or notebooks) accurately organized as well as all the appropriate pages, pics, data found in the internet.

Am I really a scanner? Or just unfortunate diver? Is it possible to get to know that?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: Organized scanner

Postby iroiro » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:28 am

Dear sapho! After reading your "most pain", I had to reply immediately. Almost compulsorily. I quote the beginning of chapter two of the book.

[...] a Scanner--that is, if you're someone who loves so many things you've never succeeded in choosing only one and forsaking the others--[...]

I'm not through the book yet, so you can blame me, if I am to eager. But I think these concise words summarize well, what Barbara wants to convey throughout the book. In any case, given the quote above: A Scanner is not defined by being smart. A person can be smart and a Scanner, but the former is not a requirement for the latter.

Also, and that's my point here, grades in school or university can not and will never judge you as a person. I can not stress this enough. Grades may express how successful you are in your studies. Some people (especially Scanners?) believe, that the requirements for success are ill-defined, since so many different types of learners exist. But that is another discussion.

After the initial hype about IQ tests many years ago, people found out, that there is more to measuring intelligence than solving logical puzzles or word games. People have seen, that a person can excel in other disciplines, too, not only in analytical tasks. Some critics described this observation with the words: "An IQ test assesses your skill of doing IQ tests." This holds at least a little bit for school or university. Grades describe your "success" within the framework of school or university and not your smartness within the framework of life.

True, success at school might sometimes be representative for life. But on the one hand Barbara presented many cases of Scanners, who struggled with "the simple, ordinary life" (which is true for some non-Scanners too, of course). On the other hand there are quite a few stories out there about geniuses, that had a hard time at school. It's a fact, that some people just can't show their brilliance through a paper test. Besides, depending on your personality, your self-perception of your abilities can differ from their meaning to others or some kind of objective meaningfulness. :)

I think I can't help you very well with your latter questions about being a Scanner or Diver. Other people can give you better advice here. But concerning your other sorrows, the hunger to learn is a better characteristic than a creative overflow of ideas, as far as I understood. Nevertheless, 20 hobbies is more than all the non-scanning friends of mine have. :)

(This is my first post on this forum. Originally, I wanted to introduce myself first in some other topic before, but I could not wait a wait a minute longer to reply. So, then: Hello World!)
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